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MAY | PAGE 36 | 2015 For Cory, modern means "open spaces and not a lot of doors," he says. "It's the idea of letting the outside in. We have a ton of windows and doors, and I think there are only three pairs of blinds in the whole house. I didn't want to see fabric; I wanted to see something natural." Simple things lend genuineness and character, he adds. "One of my favorite things in the whole house is the concrete backsplash in the kitchen, with its interplay of angles. I'm most inspired by things that are natural." And there's plenty of that throughout: There are stained wood floors under foot, exposed beams and custom walnut cabinets that serve to break up the long space. An iron staircase, windows and doors provide hard-edged contrast to the woods. Think of it this way: A house can be likened to a company with an image to convey, says Cory — stay on message and make it your own. "When we do a project for a client, we always tell a story. And if things are going to be in your house, they need to have a meaning, a story behind them. I don't like clutter. Put a rock you picked up on a trip to Marrakesh on your table; don't just pick up something at a store because it looks cool. The same with clothes: Buy what tells your story." Ask Cory what his most prized possessions are at home, and he'll share a humorous anecdote, maybe an adventure. Vintage oil portraits, purchased during his travels, are prominently displayed in the living room. "Growing up, I always wanted a collection of my own family's portraits," he says, "but we were poor and didn't have any. So, I created my own family of interesting relatives. One looks just like my mom." And the goat bell? "We went to Astypalaia, Greece, for a funeral — the smallest island off the coast. It's 700 years old, and the main village has one hip hotel and one restaurant. Every night after swimming, we'd go eat dinner at this one place. It was midnight one night — I think there had been some drinking — and we were walking back. There were all these goats on the road. I HEN WE TOOK OUT THE DRYWALL, WE FOUND THE ORIGINAL BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY BEAMS." — Michael Cory W " In the living room, the house's original butterfly beams were uncovered during the renovation. Collection of vintage portraits purchased during travels. Restoration Hardware sofas. Nordic hope chest, circa 1800s, purchased in Seattle, serves as a coffee table. Pair of German cowhide chairs, circa 1960, from Orange in Los Angeles.

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