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WAKE-UP CALL. COFFEE SCRUBS AND CAFFEINE TREATMENTS ARE THE NEXT BIG THING, PROMOTING REJUVENATION, STIMULATING THE RELEASE OF TOXINS AND FIGHTING CELLULITE. GREEN COFFEE COCOON SCRUB AT ETHERIA SALON & DAY SPA. PHOTOGRAPH MINDY BYRD FOR THE PHOTO DIVISION. STYLIST DOUG VOISIN. HAIR/MAKEUP ASHLEY ROBINSON. MODEL ALEXANDRA HANSEN FOR KIM DAWSON. v i s i t t h e n e w pa p e r c i t y m a g . c o m . Natural Beauty We may wish for plush lips, pore-perfect skin, lush lashes and brows, and precision-cut hair that tousles on cue ... all easy-care and perfectly natural. But nature's little lark is that these wonderful attributes are lavished on babes in the cradle, ravaged in the teen years, puffed up in pregnancy, then slowly settle into folds and wrinkles, just as we have the time, energy and income to enjoy ourselves. Herewith, our guide to taking back what's rightfully yours.

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