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38 AS WINTER MELTS AWAY By Shelby Hodge. Photography Chris Brown, Kim Coffman, Dave Rossman. THE BIG SCHMOOZE E ven if winter wasn't exactly frosty in Houston, Legacy Community Health Services' annual Holiday Schmooze offered a wintry white wonderland to all. Snow-ladened trees dressed in twinkly lights at LifeHTX event space cast the needed spell. And with a jolly group of chairs — John and Becca Cason Thrash, Greggory and Pat Burk, Monsour Taghdisi and Henry Richardson, and Steve Summers and Glenn Gonzalez — it was a very merry happening. Present perfect: Chree Boydstun, Courtney Hopson, Joe'l and Rocky Mafrige, Milton Townsend, Melissa and Michael Mithoff, and Haydeh and Ali Davoudi. IT TAKES A FOREST Trees of Hope filled the Citadel on Kirby with must-have holiday trees and decorations up for grabs in a bidding frenzy for the benefit of Star of Hope. Honorary chair Lynn Wyatt was joined by chairs Donna Grehn and Sharon Schwartz. Tree huggers: Lisa and John Stoika, Courtney and Bill Toomey, Sandra and Reid Smith, Lori and Chip Johnson. Honorees John & Lisa Stoika at Trees of Hope Chairs Henry Richardson Steve Summers at Schmooze Phoebe Tudor, Chree Boydstun at Schmooze David LaDuke, Gary Hammett at Schmooze Ceron, Milton Townsend, chair Greggory Burk at Schmooze Chairs Becca Cason Thrash, Glenn Gonzalez Monsour Taghdisi at Schmooze Alex & Demi Jessett, Tony Bravo & Richard Werner at Schmooze Steve & Laura Jones, Viviana & David Denechaud at Trees of Hope Michael & Melissa Mithoff, Rocky & Joe'l Mafrige at Schmooze Chair Donna Grehn, honorary chair Lynn Wyatt chair Sharon Schwartz at Trees of Hope

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