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F or the conclusion of our handwriting analysis triptych, graphologist Alice Weiser deciphers t h e h a n d o f B i l l Arning, director of the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston. Gazing at scribbles and slashes and blank squares all day surely gives Mr. Arning license to pen his notes in indecipherable Twombly- ish graphite. Not to be deterred, Ms. Weiser has spent years puzzling over the intricacies of dotted I's and crossed T's, and she delivers an artful analysis. Arning has not seen the results — until now. BILL ARNING Director, CAMH Alice Weiser: "Arning is enthusiastic, ambitious, and has a powerful drive to achieve, as is evident in the placement of his "t" bars. The higher the T bar — and his are barely touching the letter — the more ambitious one is. Though he's basically an optimistic person, there may be occasional short-term highs and lows. He is a good team player but makes a better captain. His strong cultural leanings serve him well in an intellectual environment. He is a lover of beauty, color, and music, and has a strong literary fl air, seen in the intensity of the writing and the spacing between his words (which also denote a private person). His intense attention to detail in no way deters him from seeing the entire picture and quickly assessing the problem … and a solution. His capital "I" — which is written in a distinct manner — depicts one whose ego is well in check. The tasteful placement of small circles over his lower case "i" indicates his desire to be individualistic and unique. An intent listener and a good confi dante, Mr. Arning can easily come up with innovative ideas and will follow through immediately. Wherever he is, he arrived there on his own." 40 BENJAMIN FREDRICKSON HANDWRITING ANALYSIS ABSTRACTIONS ABSTRACT "HE IS A GOOD TEAM PLAYER BUT MAKES A BETTER CAPTAIN." — Alice Weiser, about Bill Arning Bill Arning with Marilyn Minter in her NYC studio, 2014 BY JAMES BROCK

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