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26 Carlos Jimenez, Marley Lott Jill Jewett David Pustka Phoebe Tudor, Leigh Smith Suzanne Goss, Vallette Windham Burke Windham, Priscilla Plumb Michelle & Greg Elliott Sarah & Dave Larned, Liz Glanville Mathew Wolf, Russell Windham, Ann Wolf Ann Wolf Bill Curtis Tricia Neuhaus THE CLASSICS Anne Lee Phillips admires great architecture. Photography Lizette Soto. H ouston has long nurtured some of the best classic architects in America: John Staub, Birdsall Briscoe, William Watkin, and Harrie T. Lindeberg, to name a few. Today, one undisputed firm bears the honor of Most Stately: Curtis & Windham Architects. Bill Curtis and Russell Windham are widely celebrated for renovating landmark properties and building new estates and second homes destined for historical landmark status in the next decades. Clients and fans alike fĂȘted their first monograph, A Vision of Place: The Work of Curtis & Windham Architects (Texas A&M Press), at a cocktail party and book signing at preservation champion Phoebe Tudor's home in Broadacres. She and husband Bobby Tudor enlisted Curtis & Windham to seamlessly renovate and expand their 1924 home, originally built by Briscoe. SEEN: Vallette Windham, Audrey White, David Pustka, Susie Criner, Ann and Mathew Wolf, Greg Fourticq, Stephanie Lawrence, Burke Windham, Priscilla Plumb, Carlos Jimenez, Marley Lott, Leigh Smith, Laurie and Scott Dorfman, Liz and Tom Glanville, Fran Brennan, Michael Dale, Sarah and Dave Larned, Michelle and Greg Elliot, Jay and Julia Hellums, and Christine and Joseph Manca.

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