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know that's really not right. I ought to try to do something for these people too.' And that's why we've given that award every year to the museum school [the Glassell School of Art], because I thought the museum was a good organization, good artists come out of it, and there ought to be a prize for the outstanding student, so we've been giving a prize [the $10,000 Meredith J. Long Core Program Award]. Favorite museum. I think a great deal of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. I'm very proud of it. It's a really great museum, and it's got a good new director, and the director has made a contribution … Gary (Continued from page 80) Tinterow is just really good. He's a scholar. He can touch all bases. He trained in a good school. But he can also give us the other side of the art world. He's having these European shows. I did mutter under my breath, 'I hope we don't forget to go back to American things.' We're going to leave our collection to the museum. We set out to do it; when we started collecting we collected for final delivery to the MFAH. We showed [Gary Tinterow] what's on the list, and he said, yeah, he'd like to have it. And along the way we've given other things … Best part of the ride. I had a wonderful audience. The patriarchs of Houston were here in this gallery. If they weren't, their sons were here at the bar at 5 o'clock; it was a big part of it. When these artists came, they'd come in groups of five or six. I had a ball. It was exactly what I wanted to see happen. It was just fabulous, and I saw the world from their point of view, and that had a lot to do with my reactions about things. Another one of the things that I think is important: People that are interested in art and paintings and so forth are usually nice, easy people to get along with. Artists to single out. Inness in a sense is a favorite — a bit of a talisman for me. He is a great, great American painter, more complex than some of the American Impressionists. And I think Mr. Noland is a great American artist; if you compare him to other contemporary art, and what that costs, I feel like Noland and Frankenthaler are undervalued. The places you go. If I'm not at the gallery, I'm probably figuring out when I'm going to go to the gallery. And fly-fishing up there in Colorado and shooting birds down here at the ranch. The next generation. Martha is my great surprise and help. I'm serious. I came back one day from somewhere, I don't know where, and I had a sudden inkling of, 'Whoa, Martha is growing up, and she's going to the bar.' DAYS WINE AND SARGENTS of COURTESY MEREDITH LONG & COMPANY George Inness' Landscape, 1877, at Meredith Long & Company T H E B E L L T O W E R O N 3 4 T H . C O M | 7 1 3 . 8 6 8 . 2 3 5 5 isit GRAND EXTRAVAGANZA OR INTIMATE CHIC EVENT Weddings, Receptions, Beautiful Indoor & Outdoor Spaces, Celebrations, Galas and Corporate Events BELL TOWER THE ON 34 TH Excellent Events. et the agic egin... Steve Lee Photography

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