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June 2017 - Dallas

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hosted by Ed Beardsley and Frank Hettig, was another great op for art and power people sightings, between the Warhols and snappy Lichtensteins. We chatted up Chubb executives Maggie Reynolds and Zann Faust and visiting HA modern and contemporary expert Leon Benrimon, in from Manhattan, and his Dallas-based colleague Atlee Phillips, who directs the Texas Art department. That night, we headed to the Dallas Contemporary for its spring exhibition opening for artists Ambreen Butt, Pia Camil, and Keer Tanchak, where DC executive director Peter Doroshenko and director of exhibitions Justine Ludwig hosted a private, post-art-gazing dinner nearby on the patio between Headington Companies' newest eateries, Sassetta and Wheelhouse. Seen at the opening: Caroline Summers, Megan Wood, Robyn Sills, Lucy Wrubel, Brandt Wood and Christie Whitten, Claire Dewar, Mike Masters, Selwyn Rayzor, and DC board president Max Trowbridge, with husband Ben Trowbridge. Also noteworthy among the viewing pleasures were three gallery openings. Erin Cluley Gallery debuted Dallas native Nic Nicosia's "At Home — on Time." Nicosia walked patrons through an expansive selection of photographs, sculptures, drawings, and installations, including images of his collectors' interiors. Galerie Frank Elbaz rolled out the conceptual exhibition "Paris Texas," a six-person show featuring stalwarts Rauschenberg and Ruscha alongside gallery headliner Blair Thurman. Dustin Orlando's Circuit12 Contemporary presented a strong painting exhibit for Howard Sherman, whose ab-ex-meets-graffiti strewn canvases attracted collectors and sales aplenty. The rising tide of the Dallas Art Fair lifts all worthy art boats. Justine Ludwig at Dallas Contemporary Kenny Goss, Joyce Goss at Neiman Marcus Hannah Hoffman at F.I.G. Marjon Hnderson, Jeff Byron at Neiman Marcus Nic Nicosia, Erin Cluley at Erin Cluley Gallery Jeremy Strick, Nancy Nasher John Sughrue at F.I.G. Derek & Christen Wilson at Forty Five Ten Amona Kagan, Jackie Stewart at Forty Five Ten Nic Nicosia's 7 whys/whynots, 2015, at Erin Cluley Gallery Jennifer Klos, Marlene Sughrue at Neiman Marcus Carlos Gonzalez-Jaime & Agustín Arteaga at Dallas Contemporary Jason & Dina Arnott, Faisal Halum at Forty Five Ten Lucy Wrubel at Forty Five Ten Shelly Rosenberg, Max Trowbridge at Dallas Contemporary Jeny Bania at Forty Five Ten Keer Tanchak at Dallas Contemporary

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