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36 Lisa Eisner — wife of music mogul Eric Eisner — designs terribly chic jewelry and runs in rare-air circles. Fashion designer Tom Ford and his husband, Richard Buckley, are dear friends. And in 2015, Ford tapped Eisner to design jewelry for his Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 collections. LE for TF was a runaway success, with its bold aesthetics and precious, natural materials — feathers, forged bronze, ammonite, et al. Last month, Eisner made her fi rst trip to Dallas for a trunk show of her jewels at Forty Five Ten. We had so much to ask. Tell us about your latest collection. I just keep evolving and making things. I can't stop. I don't want to make many of one thing. I really like making one-of-a-kind jewelry. Standouts. I just fi nished a new collection of white jade. I have never done white but love white and gold. So, I must say, I'm into this right now. Favorite stone. I wear turquoise like other women wear diamonds. It not only has this amazing healing for me, but visually when someone wears it, my eye thanks them for the joy of looking at it. It's a present for others. Mining for turquoise. Bisbee is one of my favorite no- longer mines. I've acquired not just turquoise but malachite, chrysocolla, and azurite from this old copper mine. You grew up in Wyoming and Tom Ford, in Texas — heritages rooted in the American West. The American West will always be RARE BIRD LISA EISNER … ON WHY TOM FORD'S EYE IS BETTER THAN HERS — AND WHY SHE'D JUST HAVE TO BURN UP IF HER HOUSE CAUGHT FIRE. By Christina Geyer Tom Ford and Lisa Eisner at LE for TF debut in 2015 Lisa Eisner feather and turquoise pendant necklace

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