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16 letter editor HUNT SLONEM I t's 10:52 pm, the evening before we ship the September issue to the printer. I'm looking through the map of this issue, and I am so proud to see four wonderful stories of people whom I know well, leading epic lives and doing epic things. William Middleton's magnum opus, the de Menil biography, was more than 10 years in the making. But it has left the room … and is on its way to Knopf, being readied for a Spring 2018 launch date. Catherine D. Anspon sat for many hours with William, over many months and years, watching the process and charting the progress. See page 124, for her PaperCity exclusive, "A Writer's Life." Another Herculean feat — the career of Jackson Hicks and his historical, and sentimental, step back from his catering and event firm, Jackson and Company. Shelby Hodge sits with Jackson as he ponders his next move, in "The Prince of Parties Retires His Crown" (page 128). And then there's Becca Cason Thrash, who every few years embarks on the planning odyssey of an international event, Liaisons au Louvre, benefitting the American and International Friends of the Louvre. This year was the ultimate, as she added a masked ball in Venice and three days of glamorous dinners and cocktails to the itinerary, to benefit Venetian Heritage. A week of gloriousness! It never fails that after a year of planning and execution of this extravaganza, she takes to her bed in utter exhaustion. See part one, "Grandes Nuits & Journées at Liaisons au Louvre IV," beginning on page 34, penned by our European editor at large, Filippo Tattoni-Marcozi. Another epic journey is that of Brian Bolke, co-founder of Forty Five Ten in Dallas, Houston, and Napa, who also recently stepped back from running his fashion empire to spend time with his husband, Faisal Halum. Brian realized what many of us don't until it's too late: that a life, a wonderfully lived life, can be many things and veer in more than one direction. Brian continues as consultant for Headington Companies, which now owns Forty Five Ten. We photographed Brian and Faisal's Lionel Morrison- designed home in Dallas for September PaperCity Dallas, written by Rebecca Sherman. Watch for it in PaperCity Houston this fall. And, we are having an epic night in the PaperCity offices. It's 3 am. William Middleton, Jackson Hicks, Becca Thrash, and Brian Bolke have been put to bed. I am next. Holly Moore Editor in Chief

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