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32 A FLAWLESS GARDEN LUNCHEON WITH TWENTY THOUSAND ROSES AND MILLIONS IN DIAMONDS, AN INDOOR GARDEN PARTY TURNS BRILLIANT. Shelby Hodge stops and smells the roses. Photography Jenny Antill Clifton. T he late Harry Winston would surely have gasped at the resplendent gar- den-party luncheon that unfolded at his namesake house of diamonds in River Oaks District. An indoor garden party, you might ask? Indeed it was, with 20,000 roses at play, augmented by bushels of hydrangeas. And, ah, the heady fragrance of roses and carats … Co-hosted by Harry Winston and PaperCity, the midday fête brought to life the "Winston garden" — diamond collections inspired by such natural gems as the Sunfl ower, the Lily Cluster, and the Forget-Me-Not. Among the glistening vitrines, models in David Peck gowns and towering fl oral headdresses circulated. It was perfec- tion, from Richard Flowers and The Events Company's fl oral extravaganza to A Fare Extraordinaire's divine ladies'-luncheon menu and impeccable service. COUNTING CARATS, NOT CALORIES: Harry Winston top brass — vice presi- dent Michael Moser, in from Beverly Hills, and U.S. director marketing Michelle Peranteau, in from New York — and Winston's Houston director Petra Martinez; PaperCity's Monica Bailey Bickers and Francine Ballard; and guests Greggory Burk, Nidhika Mehta, Sheridan Williams, Katie Brass, Becca Cason Thrash, Estela Cockrell, Vanessa Sanchez, Holly Alvis, Katherine Phelps, Diane Lokey Farb, Blakely Griggs, Laura Sweeney, and Isabel David. See more Shelby Hodge at Laura Sweeney, Isabel David, Sheridan Williams Becca Cason Thrash Blakely Griggs, Monica Bickers Models in David Peck Michael Moser

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