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A GENTLEMAN'S ETRO AFFAIR By Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi. Photography Bruno. H ow do you thank one of Dallas' most generous and inspiring couples? My way was to help kick-start fund-raising for this year's TWO x TWO for AIDS and ART, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky's brainchild benefi t for amfAR and the Dallas Museum of Art. I fi rst met Cindy and Howard when I arrived in Dallas from London in 2005, with the late George Michael and Kenny Goss, to open The Goss Gallery — now The Goss Michael Foundation and one of the fi rst international art galleries in town. As soon as we arrived, our Dallas PR guru, Barbara Buzzell, told us that she had mentioned our plans for The Goss Gallery to the biggest art collectors in town, the Rachofskys, and they were eager to meet and welcome us. So, naturally we were thrilled — and quite nervous. A few nights later, as we drove towards the Richard Meier- designed Rachofsky House where we were expected for dinner, George, Kenny, and I looked at each other and felt the enormity and the responsibility of what we were about to embark on. True to their legendary kindness, Cindy and Howard assembled an amazing welcoming committee, including fellow collectors and philanthropists Deedie Rose and her late husband, Rusty Rose, and Emily and Steve Summers. There among incredible works by Italian Arte Povera artists, my fi rst encounter with the city's art elite was warm and relaxed — the epitome of unpretentious elegance, Southern hospitality, and the beginning of many lasting friendships. Fast-forward a dozen years. Many exhibitions, art fairs, dinner parties, and TWO x TWOs later, I fi nally had the op- portunity to give back. As part of my newly appointed role as an Etro brand ambassador, my Milanese fashion friends gave me cart blanche to host a party inside the Highland Park Village boutique to present Etro's 2017 menswear col- lection, with a percentage of sales donated to TWO x TWO. Thanks to the support and generosity of my Dallas friends, I proudly sent the Rachofsky House a $15,000 cheque from Etro, which went towards the more than $7.3 million raised by this year's TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art. Of course, having Howard Rachofsky and Thomas Hartland Mackie (this year's TWO x TWO chair) as my co- hosts helped bring in all varieties of glamour and fun. Starting with their stunning wives, Cindy Rachofsky and Nasiba Adilova, guests and friends were joyful in legendary Etro colors and patterns: the ever-gra- cious Georgina Hartland; (Ret.) Ambassador Wally Brewster, who recently relocated to Dallas; as well as jeweler Joe Pacetti, Deborah Scott, Elisa and Stephen Summers, Niven Morgan and Shelby Wagner, and Gonzalo Bueno, all shopping for a good cause. And, of course, my dear friend Kenny Goss was there. I really have to thank him for bringing me to Dallas in the fi rst place, allowing me to be part of this extraordinary community. 17 Natalie & Wilson Chu Filippo Tattoni- Marcozzi Deborah Scott Russell Walker Rand Mason John Runyon, Meg Gratch, Rob Dailey, Joseph Steffen Ron & Mary Ellen Spears, Melinda Rathke Georgina Coleman Marco Pievani Gonzalo Bueno, Robert Hallam Carletta Kyles Ambassador Wally Brewster Howard Rachofsky Thomas Hartland-Mackie Cindy Rachofsky Nasiba Adilova DJ Lucy Wrubel Caroline Summers Stephen & Elisa Summers Etro, top to bottom Vivian & Alberto Lombardi

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