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letter editor STEVEN VISNEAU, SISTERBROTHER MGMT. 8 A dmittedly, the New Year has completely snuck up on me. As I write this note, there are less than three weeks until 2018 comes roaring into action. I have yet to purchase my 2018 datebook — old school, I write every engagement down, avoiding digital calendar invites like the plague. Translation? I am already behind in my yearly planning. (Send help.) Nevertheless, penning this letter each month always offers a quick quiet moment of reflection. And, while I typically loathe the notion of New Year's Resolutions (I can't listen to "Auld Lang Syne" without getting weepy and oddly melancholy for time gone by), 2017 has been a year that, I think, for all of us lends itself to much improvement, hopes, goals, and dreams for the year to come. For once, I find myself welcoming change with open arms — also something I don't frequently enjoy. So, here it goes, resolutions and a few general hopes as we leap into 2018. • More face time with friends and family, near and far. • In fact, let's resolve to spend more time with those who are far. Must pull up my American Airlines app, stat. • Less time on social media. • Scratch that: No time on Facebook. Period. (Unless, by some stroke of luck all the outrageous political, social, and personal rants cease to exist.) • This goes without saying, but more reading. (I'd also add to that the reinstatement of my own personal Book of the Month Club, in which I purchase a new coffee table tome on the first of each month. Call it a tiny treasure for making it through deadline.) • As some may know, I've been taking ballet at my beloved studio, The Ballet Burn, for more than a year. Perhaps, this will be the year I really improve a pirouette. Alas, I'll settle for finally memorizing each of those tricky French ballet terms. • Less stress. • More margaritas, particularly consumed at Jalisco Norte's tree house. • Less restlessness. • More travel, particularly to countries I've long wanted to visit (Japan, India, and Morocco). • Less time watching CNN. • More time watching Bloomberg. (After all, Bloomberg runs headlines on its ticker such as "Billionaires at NYC Galas Unsure of Trump Tax Plan.") • Less fear. • More risks — personally and professionally. • And, finally, my wish for everyone: More kindness, graciousness, and a return to etiquette. (That's not asking too much, right?) Christina Geyer Dallas Editor-in-Chief

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