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50 Born in Michigan in 1911, Lautner was an apprentice for architect Frank Lloyd Wright at his legendary Arizona home and school, Taliesin West. During Lautner's six-year tenure there, he helped Wright carry out a number of projects. Like Wright, Lautner was interested in the relationship between humans, space, and nature, and his buildings often integrated water and natural landscapes into the design. But Lautner's work evolved in ways that Wright's did not. Lautner's houses were a combination of fantasy and minimalism, with sweeping rooflines, glass-paneled walls, and steel beams. He often emphasized geometric shapes such as circles and triangles, and incorporated the latest technological innovations. His use of modern materials, such as concrete, allowed him to blend his structures into the California landscape, perching his sci-fi creations on rocky hillsides, beaches, and deserts. Architect Barbara-Ann Campbell- Lange, who wrote a definitive book on Lautner, describes him this way: "John Lautner was a tall man with a generous smile, who looked good in red. His desk was always full of the things he was thinking about that day: a patterned shell, an image of an arching Egyptian goddess, a piece of text about the essence of beauty. Cherished by all that knew him, Lautner has left a legacy of barely known work that speaks of the infinite potential of architecture." T he Sheats-Goldstein house, located a short distance from Beverly Hills, was originally built in 1963 for Paul Sheats, a university professor, and his wife Helen Sheats, an artist. Carved into the sandstone ledge of a hillside, its most striking feature was the expansive living room, which was completely open to the terrace outside, and protected from the cold only by a curtain of forced heated air. There John Lautner's houses are known for integrating water elements with architecture. Coco Beach de Chanel jersey swimsuit $1,000, and acetate sunglasses $585, both at select Chanel boutiques. The original 1963 living room was open to the elements. Coco Beach de Chanel printed jersey swimming top $400, printed stretch denim jacket $2,500, printed stretch denim skirt $1,050, grosgrain shoe $725, and printed denim backpack $3,500, all at select Chanel boutiques.

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