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33 BRINGING THE RICHES HOUSTON SHELBY HODGE SILENTLY BIDS. PHOTOGRAPHY MICHELLE WATSON/CATCHLIGHTGROUP.COM W ith her fashionable feet firmly planted in River Oaks, New Orleans ex-pat Susan Sarofim brought a bit of Crescent City to Houston in a preview of items going on the block at her New Orleans Auction Galleries. The Sarofim White House, as the family's River Oaks Boulevard party house is called, was setting for the display of jaw-dropping jewels, furs, Hermès bags and a Marc Chagall painting, valued at $2 million. "We always have the preview parties in New Orleans," she said. "So we thought we would bring the party here to give our clients the chance to check out the offerings in person." Indeed. So enthused were a number of guests that they were pulling pages out of the auction catalog for bidding purposes. WHO: Fayez Sarofim, Cornelia and Meredith Long, John Daugherty, Wayne Smith and Denny Lyons, Beth Wolff, Quinlan Schnitzer, Walter Bering, Alice and Keith Mosing, Martha Adger and James Madget, DeeAnn Thigpen, Christie Sullivan, and Joanne King Herring. to NEW ORLEANS AUCTION GALLERIES TEMPTS WITH A SWELL SHOWCASE PARTY Alp Gener, Lori Sarofim Sherry Smith, Susan Sarofim Beth Wolff, Betty Hrncir Joanne King Herring Martha Adger & James Madget Sande Barrett, Taylor Eichenwald Sean Finn, Kathy Ong Ed Melchor, Walter Bering Wayne Smith & Denny Lyons Fayez & Susan Sarofim Jana Arnoldy, Beverle Ostrofsky Tom LeCloux & Steven Hamilton Ileana Treviño, Roberto Garcia

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