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115 A crowd from the design world took in Sartogo's new Venetian-glass tabletop wares, and TXDW sponsor McClain Gallery — Moxie's neighbor — had two important works on display: David Sultan's Black Tulips and Vase and Cleve Gray's Conjunction #199. Over cocktails, Sartogo revealed the inspiration for her design magazine, Cabana. While living in England, she was homesick for the historical and layered interiors she grew up in, so she began photographing eccentric, curiosity-filled villas and palazzos of family friends. And while the magazine is lauded for worshipping maximalism, in her view it's actually a celebration of authenticity. This legitimacy doesn't always come in the form of more is more. "I was blown away by The Menil Collection," Sartogo said. "That is authenticity." She also announced the latest issue will have covers wrapped in textiles by Loewe. When it comes to Cabana, more is always more. SEEN: Vendome Press' Beatrice Vincenzini, in from London; John and Becca Cason Thrash; Hutton Wilkinson of Tony Duquette; Ben Johnston; Erich Ploog; Michael Mandola; Carol Isaak Barden; Lauren Hudson; Jane Wood; Nicole Zarr; Steven Hempel; McClain Gallery's Erin Dorn, Sharon Graham, and Brianna Mills; Pamela Hope O'Brien; Layne Torsch; Luis Vernium; Gina Faucetta; LeTricia and Ronnie Wilbanks; Lloyd Princeton; Barbara Davis; Julie Koch; Bill Stubbs; Aaron Laine; Cat Matthews; Bruce and Oscar Banta-Guevara; Amy Stephens; Elnaz Irby; Alexandra Killion; Rosemarie DiMarco; Teri Pugh; Ryan Reitmeyer; Katie Whitis; Julie Pratz; and Mindy and Scott Martin. Brackeen wallpapered Moxie with the pages of Cabana. Guests taking in Sartogo's illustrated talk Payton Burgos, Rajani Alvarado, Madelon Devaney, Amy Stephens, Paola Neri Cat Matthews Michelle Aviña, Michael Mandola Farrell Lawo Sandy Lucas Bonnie Leonardt, Ashley Sides Lena Statsenko Teresa Martinez Sanchez Devin Babbitt Aaron Laine, Luis Vernium Lauren Hudson, Jane Wood

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