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EVEN THOUGH IT FEELS LIKE IT, NO ONE DIES FROM DIVORCE FIVE QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR DIVORCE LAWYER TO GET YOU THROUGH PAPERCITY ADVERTORIAL D ivorce is never a situation one hopes to experience. But sometimes it's just inevitable. Advancing the concept it developed — Emotionally Intelligent Divorce® — the team at Calabrese Budner skillfully guides clients through the tumult of emotions that accompanies the end of a marriage. From Collaborative Divorce to litigation, the key to get to the best place possible on Divorce Day 2 is having legal representation that decisively pursues your goals as a client, as well as choosing the best process to get you there. Carla M. Calabrese of Calabrese Budner, arms readers with the five questions to ask when in the initial stage of the divorce process. What is the best divorce process for me? With more than 20 years under her belt handing Collaborative Divorce cases and as a Master Credentialed Collaborative Divorce attorney, Calabrese firmly believes: "If you can enter into a collaborative process, it will be the optimal option to get you to the best possible place on Divorce Day 2." In Texas, there are two divorce processes: Collaborative Divorce and traditional litigation. Collaborative Divorce is a highly customized process, empowering clients to make informed decisions with the support and guidance of a specially trained team of divorce professionals including built-in neutrals. The process is entirely private with no court hearings, no cross-examining in front of a judge, and important decisions are made in the comfort of a conference room. Divorce litigation involves the more traditional approach to resolving legal matters, including formal discovery, depositions, court 136

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