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same time, the families have taken significant measures to preserve the center's original charm, including adherence to its unique Mediterranean Spanish-style architecture designed by Marion Fooshee and James Clark in 1931, and conserving the landmark Village Theatre. For Summers, the history is also personal: He grew up across the street from Highland Park Village, next door to his grandmother's yellow Victorian home. "I used to cross Mockingbird to 7-Eleven to get my parents coffee and the paper," Summers says. "From fourth grade on, they'd tell me to go put our name on the list at Mi Cocina. I'd run there, get the beeper, and run back." When they purchased the center a little more than a decade ago, Summers got pushback from a number of luxury brands he was pursuing as tenants. "Now, no one would consider not doing Highland Park Village," he says. With word out about Knox Street, Summers is consistently fielding calls for information about the project and has already spoken to retailers and restaurant groups from New York, Paris, L.A., San Francisco, and Chicago, as well as Dallas' top restaurateurs — many of whom Summers has quietly supported in passion projects around town. "The demand has been kind of stunning. We could basically have the whole thing leased today, but it's three and a half years out, and we don't know what the best restaurant group in Dallas is going to be in three years, so we want to let that play out," he says, adding that there will be an emphasis on rooftop decks, outdoor dining, and second-floor restaurants that overlook the trail. "Maybe there's a speakeasy in the basement … We just want there to be cool little touches everywhere you look that you can't find anywhere else." While discussing the potential of Knox Street, he can't help but share his excitement for new developments in neighboring areas, such as Fitzhugh — and, of course, Highland Park Village. "It just makes me giddy," he says. "Our city is growing up before our eyes." Stephen Summers (Continued from page 44) Untitled (John McAfee #4), 2012 BRIAN FINKE AMERICAN PICTURES FEBRUARY 26- MARCH 26, 2022 KIRK HOPPER FINE ART 1426 N. RIVERFRONT BLVD DALLAS

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