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PAPERCITY ADVERTORIAL T he countdown is on for this year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas. As we approach the premiere of one of the hottest outings in town, Kips Bay veteran Javier Burkle shares his experiences working on the 2021 show house — you probably remember his fan-favorite primary closet and dressing space, The Heimat, with that stunning bespoke bar — and why he's chosen to stay involved this year and co-chair the Kips Bay Dallas alumni committee. What did you learn from your experience as a Kips Bay designer last year? Show houses really lend themselves to a new level of creativity. Without a client's needs and preferences to direct a project, the sky is the limit when it comes to ideas and options. That being said, I've also gained a newfound appreciation for my clients who put their faith in my work, trust my vision, and allow me the privilege of working on their homes. The turnaround time in a show-house project is incredibly quick — an experience that forced me to delegate more efficiently within my own team and appreciate the individual talents that we bring to the scope of a project. How has your Kips Bay experience propelled your career? The platform and exposure at Kips Bay communicated our aesthetic to a new set of clients, whether they visited our space in person or saw the publicity from the house in print or online. The connectivity I gained throughout the industry with other designers around the country has opened incredible doors of opportunity, from professional collaboration and networking to the friendships we formed during such a shared experience. Advice for this year's designers? You get out of it what you put into it. I decided on the front end to be fully invested in not only my space, but the overall experience of Kips Bay, and I can honestly say that I gave it my all 100 percent of the time. Corey Damen Jenkins told me when I first met him at the show house, "Be proud of your work and don't apologize." Not everyone is going to love it, but your clients (present and future) will, and that's what's important. Why did you choose to stay involved with Kips Bay? It's hard to stay away from Kips Bay once you get started! Kips Bay also supports such worthy causes, and I just can't say no to the charities behind the show house. My industry peers and colleagues from Kips Bay became a sort of family — there's an unspoken bond formed by working together on something so monumental, which I love. I'm also excited to see what this year's group of designers will do with each space and to see the way the house comes together. What would you credit for the acceleration of your career since Kips Bay? The exposure that comes with the Kips Bay platform is incredible, from the social media presence and partnerships to the people I've met along the way. The chance to explain my work and my passion for the beauty and balance of design is priceless. Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas Catching up with Designer Javier Burkle @javier.burklecreative Javier Burkle JASON KINDIG 156

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