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158 PAPERCITY ADVERTORIAL F or Shelley Tims Anbouba, home organization is the ultimate expression of self-care. So in 2019, after 20 years working in marketing, the TCU alum took the opportunity to spread the decluttering joy throughout her hometown, launching the Dallas-Highland Park branch of NEAT Method, the luxury home organization company known for its sharp eye for detail. Anbouba and her team have been keeping busy — in highly organized fashion, as she often meets clients at stressful times in their lives, or amidst life transitions. Her philosophy: Having systems in place that make everyday life easier has a trickle-down impact that encourages clients to enjoy life. The peace Anbouba and her team provide via NEAT Method includes home organizing (from pantries to airplanes), downsizing, moving, and customizable solutions for everything in between. Here, Anbouba shares her own secrets to inspired living. Organizational Expert and Entrepreneur Creates a Dallas Powerhouse Brand with NEAT Method Dallas' Go-To Expert for All Things Organizing and Decluttering Daily uniform at the office. Shelley Tims Anbouba: Currently and honestly, post pandemic, I am on this kick of wearing either a dress or a skirt with a T-shirt and sneakers. No matter what, pockets are a must, and I'm making a conscious effort to not wear athleisure in public unless it's for a workout. Favorite spot in your house. STA: Sitting on my Roche Bobois Bubble couch in my master bedroom. It's like floating on a cloud, and since we live in a high- rise, it's also the best view of downtown Dallas. How you recharge after a long day. STA: I love to get in the kitchen and cook dinner. No recipe, just popping open the fridge and making it happen. Favorite restaurant in Dallas. STA: The Mercury. What you collect. STA: Memories and life experiences. We have a short time to make a big impact. I used to collect things but in my late 30's it all pivoted towards experiences thanks to amazing travel with my husband and my dad. The most organized spot in your house. STA: My spice drawer is NEAT and heavenly. However, my closet makes getting dressed so fun. Secret skill. STA: I have a photographic memory and can remember crazy details. What inspires you. STA: It is a who for me - my husband Imad. He comes from a large Middle Eastern family and we have experienced a life full of exotic travel, extended time with family and friends overseas and joy in the everyday. The memories we have created are my most treasured collection. I credit him for pushing me to experience more, love larger, risk more and never have regrets. I have always admired how he lives each moment with a gentlemanly grace and poise. Aside from my parents he has made the most positive impact and I wouldn't be half the person I am today without him. Getting to Know Shelley Tims Anbouba Q&A FOR MORE INFORMATION: highland-park.

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