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Mark D. Sikes will debut a collection in early 2023. "We love to tap designers to find out what's missing in the market," Mulford says. "Collaborators are drawn to us because we break the rules." The first collaboration. KWM: Once while at High Point, someone asked us to give a designer a ride to the airport in Charlotte, since we were going that way. We had a car full of stuff, and we go to pick her up, and i t 's M i c h e l l e Nussbaumer. We are massive fans of hers. For the first 10 minutes, she thought we were her Uber drivers. It was 82 miles to the airport, and there were tornados all around us, it was a crazy drive. But she's such a creative force that by the time we got there, the three of us had designed a whole line of hardware. We took the ball and of the big things I'm super excited about is our cool decorative doorknobs. That's really going to turn everything upside down, to have some crazy doorknobs. The challenge is not Lee and I dreaming up new and cool innovative things; the challenge is reining us in. Modern Matter Panel Discussion: When Hardware Matters, with a Star- Studded Lineup — Mark D. Sikes, Sarah Bartholomew, Barrie Benson, Young Huh, Eddie Ross, and Michelle Nussbaumer, Wednesday September 21, 2:30 - 4:30 pm, at Elegant Additions, 150 Turtle Creek Blvd., Suite 203. The conversation with Lee and Kat continues online at Charlotte Lucas for Modern Matter Young Huh for Modern Matter (Continued from page 120) ran with it, and six months later at the next High Point Market, we had 30 pieces of hardware based on Michelle's vision. She couldn't believe it — that's how we grew organically. It was people taking leaps of faith in us and us in them. In the future. KWM: For 2023, we're moving into cool decorative hooks — we just launched beehive hooks with Sara Bartholomew — and we're really thinking about how hooks can be paired with back plates. We're also really excited about some latches we've been designing with Mark Sikes — hardware that has more interior guts like mechanisms within. One 1080 Uptown Park Boulevard | 713.418.1000 Nestled on the edge of the Galleria area, Hotel Granduca is reminiscent of an Italian villa. This locally owned destination offers extended stays while you find that perfect home or undergo a new build. It is also the ideal spot for a getaway weekend. Its location offers easy access to all the right spots while providing a touch of hominess along with luxury. {VILLA SUITE} Our exquisite 2100 square feet Villa Suite features three bedrooms, a full kitchen, a large living and dining area, and a private terrace. Enjoy a view of the pool and garden from the Master bedroom. This suite is perfect for families and extended stays as it also includes a full washer and dryer.

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