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I found myself in an endless queue as my Alto (my top recommendation for traversing this sprawling city) sat idling behind a line of Porsche Macans, Bentleys, and a few Teslas. Who doesn't adore a glamorous evening even more so when there isn't a stuffy step-and- repeat queue. Instead, awaiting us behind the grand entrance — the couple seemed to have taken Steve Martin's quote to heart: "You know, you're really nobody in L.A. unless you live in a house with a really big door" — were the Bells alongside Becca, for air-kisses and to provide directions to navigate the sprawling home. Many made their way to the Hôtel Ritz Hemingway Bar, which had been created for the evening by the hotel, complete with presiding mixologist Colin Field. Like most guests, once I secured a Ritz Pimm's (a classic from the Parisian bar made up with Campari, bitters, orange Curaçao, ginger ale, and champagne), I wandered about, discovering works by Jeff Koons (his monumental sculpture took up most of one of the rooms), Picasso, and Jean- Michel Basquiat. As cocktail hour waned, guests made their way to the tent, which was cinematic in design — as if we had all been transported to an era that embraced the sumptuous supper clubs. Thrash and Houston's Richard Flowers from The Events Company designed all the parties that week. "Richard's been by my side for 28 years," she said. "I don't make a move without him." When I asked who she was wearing that evening, she responded, "It's custom Naeem Khan. I always select an outfit and then plan the decor of an event around it. I would hate to clash." I could go on for days about that evening, which ended with a large part of the Dallas contingency having cocktails at a bottle- service club in Hollywood and finally reconvening late-night with Thrash at The Peninsula, where most were staying, for a Carla McDonald Naeem Khan Gela Nash-Taylor Christen Wilson Antonio Marziale Mary Ellen Marziale Esthella Provas John Thrash Ceron, Lance Scott Christen Wilson Cameron Silver, Jennifer Tilly, Marilyn Heston, Alena & Alex Bouzari, Amber Sakai Eugenio Lopez Becca Cason Thrash Zoe Bonnette Brad Oberwager Duyen Huynh Nguyen Sutton Stracke, Crystal Kung Minkoff Jennifer Tilly, Marilyn Heston (Continued) 70

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