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82 Fashion Notes By Steven Hempel D ior Men artistic director Kim Jones has ventured into the world of the virtual in his latest effort. Working with the iconic Gran Turismo video-gaming team, the designer has created both Dior gear — "skins" — and a customized car for the launch of the latest version of the game. The virtual gear includes a yellow-and-gray jumpsuit, matching gloves, reinterpreted Diorizon shoes, and a blue-and-gray helmet. As for the ride, Jones digitally customized a De Tomaso Mangusta, the Italian muscle car circa 1967-1971, adorned with the distinctive hallmarks of the house. In essence, lovers of Dior's aesthetic now have everything they need to pilot one of the most awe-inspiring virtual vehicles on the planet. Gran Turismo 7, exclusively for PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. Along for the Ride W ho says that only diamonds are forever? Not us — and certainly not Dior. Fresh off the launch of Dior Forever Liquid, the Parisian house is doing its fans a solid with the introduction of Rouge Dior Forever. Available in solid stick form with a 16-hour no-transfer period and made from 90-plus percent natural origin ingredients, this lipstick will let you run around town kissing whomever you wish … and no one will know. S n e a k y , lustrous and sexy. Pucker UP F or the Winter 2022 collection, Bottega Veneta has added a new version to its Cassette collection of handbags. The Cassette Pleated Foulard is crafted in paper calf intreccio, giving the bag an elegance and fluidity that comes from the natural structure of the woven leather. Embellished with a special foulard technique, this technically challenging bag is truly unique. Meanwhile, Bottega's Pillow is perfect for those seeking the quintessential sneaker. Available in black, Optic White, and Parakeet, it has that classic A New Cassette sneaker look that can be dressed up or down and typically gets better with age. Made in calf leather with mesh lining, it's a staple piece that everyone can use in their wardrobe. M ad genius Alessandro Michele has launched a new collection of Gucci Décor that broadens the house's lineup. A n y o n e who's had the pleasure of visiting Gucci Garden in Florence w i l l i m m e d i a t e l y recognize the director's stylistic touches. The mix includes flatware, porcelain s e r v i n g d i s h e s , pillows, armchairs, a n d j a c q u a r d screens. A sense of whimsy imbued with flamboyance wends its way throughout the new releases — less than subtle additions (in the best possible way) to your latest decorating efforts. At It Again

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