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T he evening ended with more celebratory cocktails and excitement for the upcoming Texas Design Week Houston — five days of salon talks, book signings, cocktail parties and product launches with some of the leading names in the design world. Seen: Abier Alkhouri, LeTricia Wilbanks, Alexandra Killion, Natalie Ariz, Amanda Holliday, Angel Malavé, Anna Arnett, Ruth Gay, Kara and Ray Childress, Ansley Reeter, Katie Davis, Antonio Cortez, Ally Ondarza, Benjamin Johnston, Andre DeJean, Brett Forshag, Carmen Bechter, Erich Ploog, Chesie Breen, Karen Pulaski, Chung Nguyen, Chuong Nguyen, Christine Navarrete, Greg Roffino, Cynthia Wolff, Mario Gudmundsson, Beth Wolff, Phoebe Tudor, Ellen Niven, Erick Ragni, Kelie Mayfield, Gail and Joseph Adams, John Cone, Greg Fourticq, Kelly Cusimano, and Luisina and Joe Wilfong. Thank you to our PaperCity Design Awards sponsors: New Orleans Auction Galleries, Monogram Luxury Appliances, Arsin Rug Gallery, The Post Oak Hotel, Baccarat. Mike Higgens, Sarah Eilers Dawn Ginn, Meredith Grover, Courtney Blair Antonio Cortez, Ally Ondarza Trisha Allen Courtnay Tartt Elias Alexandra Killion Natalie Ariz Shannon Mann Suzanne Duin Stewart Philip Gorrivan Matteo Scaiola Sarah & Rob Prazak Shawn Gottschalk Shannon Smith Christopher Martin Abier Alkhouri Ed Hollander, Melissa Reavis Phoebe Tudor, Ellen Niven Kurt Grether Bill Stubbs Rose Arsin Lida Arsin, Mark Odom Chung Nguyen Chuong Nguyen Erick Ragni Kelie Mayfield John Cone Greg Fourticq Kelly Cusimano (Continued from page 74) HOUSTON Awards Design PaperCity 76

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