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62 DESIGN DAZE T O P - D R AW E R D E S I G N E R S HEADLINE DECORATIVE CENTER HOUSTON FALL MARKET Shelby Hodge is redecorating. Photography Priscilla Dickson. I t was a day of design inspiration when Jonathan Adler, Eddie Ross, and Alexa Hampton shared their wisdom with a stylish crop of interior de- signers and the design-obsessed. Influential trends and cutting-edge design news were at the forefront as the throng attended two keynote sessions and stopped off in the showrooms for product launches, lunch, and afternoon cocktails. Adler, in his inimitable way, carried the morning keynote as he discussed his journey as a craftsman from production potter to an established purveyor of fine goods, accessories, and rugs with more than 30 retail stores. Like the Pied Piper, he then led his audience to The Shade Store to show off his new collection, The Jonathan Adler Roller Shade Collection. Designers Alexa Hampton and Eddie Ross, both newly ensconced creative voices for The Mine, discussed the road to finding a personal style. In the showrooms, Ken Kehoe hosted both Hampton and Ross for book signings, Aria Stone Gallery created a Stone is Art presentation, Eggersmann Kitchens held its third annual Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder, and Holly Hunt exhibited Allen Kirsch paintings. A swell day all in all. WHO: Kathy Slater, Amy McFall, Courtney Babineaux, Nina Magnon, Nicki Kana, Patrick Roswell, Loree Colon, The Shade Store's CEO Michael Crotty, Courtney Blair, Lindsay Robinson, Elizabeth Garrett Dewitt, David Gardner, Kathryn Smith, Mary Vu, Selena Mackay, Rachel Hutchinson, Kevin Wallace, Martha Lurie, Kari Nelson, David Gardner, Chandos Epley, Liz Glanville, Ben Johnston, Meredith Chastang, and architect Russell Windham, who stopped in to see his pal Alexa. See more Shelby Hodge at Albert Wilson, Eddie Ross, Kathy Slater, Alexa Hampton Rachel Hutchinson, Paola Neri, Traci Clay Justin Hinojosa, James Barton Nina Magon, Elizabeth DeWitt, David Gardner Amy McFall, Diane Landers Courtney Babineaux Meredith Ueckert, Ken Kehoe Lindsay Rome Kevin Wallace Martha Lurie Nicki Kana, Nicole Manno Tony Smock Luca Mazzolani Patrick Roswell, Jonanthan Adler, Loree Colon, Michael Crotty Elena Statsenko, Ben Johnston, Selena Mackay, Amanda Holliday Yesely Love Isabella Labrador

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