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58 IS THERE A DOCTOR HOUSE in the SHELBY HODGE SEEKS A STETHOSCOPE. PHOTOGRAPHY KATHLEEN RYAN. YES, THERE WERE 28, TO BE EXACT, WHO SHED THEIR PHYSICIANS' COATS TO EMBRACE ARTISTIC ALTER EGOS. M edical miracles came in an unexpected form when more than two dozen phy- sicians showcased their artistic talent throughout the boutiques of River Oaks District. For one remarkable evening, neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Dannenbaum beat fascinating rhythms on his drums at Brunello Cucinelli, plastic surgeon Dr. Azita Madjidi displayed her ballroom dance moves at Baanou, and other MDs hung their artwork amid the designer wares at Etro, Tom Ford, and Vince. The Arts of Healing evening was the brainchild of Lori and Dr. Isaac Raijman, gastroenterologist by day and painter by night. "The balance that science and art creates allows me a different perspective," he said of his painterly passion. The couple's goal was to introduce patients and friends to the many artistic endeavors of successful physicians. Thus, the piano music of surgeon Dr. Gretchen Zimmerman, draped in diamonds for the night, filled Harry Winston, while cardiac surgeon Dr. Shandra Blackmon displayed her paintings at Dolce & Gabbana. ON CALL: Dr. Dean Moore, Dr. Eric Powitzky, Dr. Mary Shinn, Dr. Fernando Urrutia, Dr. Regina Verani, Dr. Charles Phan, Dr. Jessica Parsons, Dr. Christina Boccalandro, Dr. Marcos Calderon, Dr. Sanjay Mehta, and Dr. Julius Danziger. See more Shelby Hodge at ER physician Dr. Dean Moore on sax Neurosurgeon Dr. Mark Dannenbaum on drums at Brunello Cucinelli Dr. Eric Powtizky in the Astros jersey performs with his band, Chocolate Orb. Gavin Torabi, Larissa Sanders Olga Panchenko Bernie Cantu, Dr. Shandra Blackmon at Dolce & Gabbana Dr. Julius Danziger Dr. Charles Phan at Theory Dr. Tom Galati at Tom Ford Dr. Jessica Parsons Alan May, Stephanie & Manolo Elias Dr. Fernando Urrutia Baanou's Maryam Afshari Dr. Azita Madjidi Chairs Dr. Isaac & Lori Raijman Dr. Patrick Reardon at Dior

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