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letter publisher JENNY ANTILL CLIFTON 16 W e are thrilled to celebrate our 25th anni- versary this month. I remember when the magazine began in 1994. I was a junior in high school, and I would pick up the issue each month at Rice Epicurean Market. Always reading from cover to cover, I would clip pages that I wanted to remember, adding them to my "future reference file," which was stashed away in an old camp trunk that remained at my childhood home while I was away at college. It was only after college and time spent working in fashion in New York that I pulled out the file and surprisingly — or perhaps not so surprisingly — still loved everything I had saved. One ad in particular was a Past Era quarter-page ad that showed a set of estate engagement rings from the Edwardian period, and one ring was my absolute favorite. In 2005, I showed my now-husband the ad (clearly taking any sort of romance or surprise out of the impending engagement) and told him that this was the ring I hoped to have. That particular ring had been sold long before to another happy bride, but I did get a similar ring that I still love 15 years later. The ring was timeless — and so are the pages of PaperCity. You can look at issues from 1994 to 2020, and even though pages may fade and fashion fluctuates, it's difficult to tell what year the issue was published. The common thread that makes each issue relevant and speaks to the brand is the consistent and timeless style and vi- sion of our owner and editor in chief, Holly Moore. She, along with our entire editorial staff, creates a truly beautiful publication every month. And, with the support of our advertising staff and digital team, PaperCity has thrived for the past two-and-a-half decades and will continue to do so. Raise a glass to 25 years and many, many more. Monica Bickers Group Publisher

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