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Letter from the Editor CASSIDY BROWN W e're nearing the end of yet another s y m p h o n y o f soirées. In the past 10 days, I've counted four black-tie events. With this many occasions for cummerbunds and Carolina Herrera gowns, one might think we're in the midst of a gala-issance. And that doesn't include the myriad trunk shows with flutes of passed bubbles, charity lunches, and martini-fueled cocktail parties. And, lest I forget, the build-up to and actual day of the eclipse. I can't tell you how many nifty round invitations we received, summoning us to affairs where we knew crescent shaped canapes and solar-tinis were awaiting us. Rest assured, if you've missed any of this, we're doing our darndest to channel our inner Ann Holiday and make PaperCity your very own Shiny Sheet. (Yes, we're currently obsessed with the Apple+ series Palm Royale and want to do everything possible to channel the characters, especially Mindy Cohn's fabulous society editress Miz Holiday.) In this issue, you'll find that we've fully embraced Westerncore. How can we not, with Pharrell Williams' cowboy-themed Louis Vuitton Fall 2024 show and Queen Bey herself reaching number one on the Billboard music charts with her fabulous country album Cowboy Carter. On page 40, inspiration awaits in the form of Balmain's Ruby Western-style mule and Prada's Saffiano leather bolo tie. Also, we've been doing our research out yonder — and by yonder, we mean our neighbors in Cowtown. I had the most charming staycation in Fort Worth at the recently opened Bowie House, Auberge Resorts Collection; our oh-so witty group editor, Holly Moore, asked after my visit, "Was it bucking fabulous?" Also, Rebecca Sherman shares with you the Monticello (one of the Fort's tony neighborhoods) home of Manhattan transplants, who already feel like official citizens of Cowtown, given the number of "beautiful baskets with homemade casseroles with plates and napkins and silverware" that arrived at their home their first week in town. And, word on the street (in this case, Camp Bowie Boulevard) is that supermodel Bella Hadid is setting up house (in this case, likely ranch) part-time in Fort Worth to be near her ruggedly handsome rodeo- star boyfriend Adan Banuelos, a National Cutting Horse Hall of Famer. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, if, like us, you to have been on the black-tie hamster wheel … we're nearing the finish line. Pretty soon, our local swans (speaking of those well-plumed birds who slay fashion, check out pages 36 and 37) will decamp to their seasonal nests in Martha's Vineyard and East Hampton. As Dominick Dunne once said: "Parties are the nightly ritual of the sophisticated society." The good news: Our local version of said sophisticates won't be donning their cha-cha Chanel heels again in Dallas until they return after Labor Day, when it all starts again. I might not be in town all that much in the winter, though, since I'm awaiting my membership at the Palm Royale. To paraphrase a club member from that exclusive enclave, "What will Billy be wearing?" Well, you'll find me in long pants, since we hear they have a strict dress code and my usual go-to shorts (see my pic to the left), are verboten in high season. Cheers (as we clink grasshopper cocktails), Billy Fong Dallas Editor in Chief Billy Fong at Lele Sadoughi's dinner 26

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