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happenings, ranging from charitable cocktail parties to trunk shows with luncheons for visiting fashion dignitaries. On this night, a stunning 12-foot dessert table showcased a nine-foot pavlova (Mirador's signature), as well as sugared fruits, passionfruit tarts, hazelnut truffles with white chocolate bows, chocolate Manjari tarts with sugared pearls, and a pair of croquembouche, all devised by Mirador pastry director Ruben Toraño and Pauline Badillo, with the evening's menu created by executive chef Travis Wyatt. I did a few laps and saw the man himself, Tim Headington, who was there to applaud his team. I eventually made it to the bar for a much-needed glass of cheer — the French spritz (Mirador's take on the French 75). Drink in hand, I retired to the balcony for the dramatic view through the clouds, where Dallas gleamed like Gotham City. Entertaining Cues from Mirador Dessert Tableau: Ruben Toraño, Pauline Badillo Event Concept: Headington Companies Flowers & Production: Gro Design Music: Mark Landson String Quartet Event Photography: Rebecca Patton, Beckley & Co. An evening ready for cocktailing Nerissa von Helpenstill Alex Cohen Passed bites at Mirador April Manson, Doug Voisin Elizabeth O'Mahony, Amanda Rome Jeny Bania, Tim Headington Tim Headington Marlene Sughrue Nile Nussbaumer Christina Dandar Beribboned candelabra 46

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