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K i t U l r i c h 's heartwarming introduction to her new neighborhood in Fort Worth is like a scene from a Hallmark movie. It was late January 2018, and she and her husband, Will Ulrich, along with their two small children, had recently arrived from Manhattan, where they'd lived for 15 years. The East Coast had always been home — they met at Harvard and were married in Southport, Connecticut, where they still own a house — so Kit was experiencing a bit of culture shock. Will, co-founder of oil and gas company Presidio, had moved its headquarters to Fort Worth and was already getting to know people. But Kit, who had left her job in New York as a venture capitalist, didn't know a soul in Texas. "I will never forget: We were moving in, and I was still in my first trimester with my third child, and I wasn't feeling great," she says. "The moving truck pulled up to the front of the house and started unloading. Neighbors all along the street walked over and gave me beautiful baskets of homemade casseroles with plates and napkins and silverware — everything you would need to feed a family when you haven't unpacked yet," she recalls. One neighbor, noticing their TV wasn't set up, invited the family over on Sunday to watch the Super Bowl. This unexpected, warm welcome was unlike anything they'd experienced in New York. Located in the long-established Fort Worth neighborhood of Monticello, just blocks from the city's cultural center, their 1933 Federal-style house is reminiscent of Southport's many preserved, centuries-old Federal and Georgian buildings. "We immediately fell in love with the bones of this house and the way the rooms flow into one another," Kit says. "This is a house we could see ourselves living in for a long time." The house needed updating, along with new furnishings, so the Ulriches hired Gabriela Gargano of the New York design firm Grisoro, 92

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