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stationery from New York pillar Connor, plus decoratives from Jan Barboglio, John Derian, Alberto Pinto, Martha Sturdy, and Kelly Wearstler. (And that's just the start of it: The original Forty Five Ten on McKinney Avenue will now be dubbed Forty Five Ten For Home — all dedicated to home design, and packed with special and collection pieces by the big guns including George Cameron Nash, David Sutherland, Jan Showers, Emily Summers, Jan Barboglio, and Allan Knight.) WHY ALL THIS? WHY NOW? "To build a magnificent new building while others are closing brick-and-mortar locations is perhaps counterintuitive," says Tim Headington, CEO of Headington Companies, which owns Forty Five Ten, "but it is what I find most exciting and financially prospective. This approach differentiates our brands and highlights our culture. We create a world-class art program, notable design, hospitality, shopping, food, architecture, wellness, and historical relevance — all living within an evocative and highly social wrapper." Could it be that the successful businessman just wants to be a kid again? "I have such fond memories of being a young boy, and being so enthralled by the energy of [downtown Dallas]. There were people everywhere," he says. "I loved the buzz of it all. I felt like I was in an important place." Headington also loves that Forty Five Ten is a homegrown brand, with a certain point of view and a more-than- fanatic customer base. Brian Bolke is thinking about the latter, too, while opening the doors to a five-times larger store. "I wanted it to feel familiar to our loyal clients," he says. "The size of the spaces is very intimate, and there are cues from the original, but for someone who really cares about design and has never been in, I think they will be obsessed with the details." And, hopefully, most certainly, the merchandise for sale. "If we can't make something compelling enough to drive 10 extra minutes down- town," Bolke says, "we've failed." There's no chance of that. Read our exclusive Q&A with Brian Bolke — including who he thinks his new cus- tomers are, and what he's most nervous about — only at "WHAT WE ARE DOING ON MAIN STREET CAN NEVER BE DUPLICATED. IT IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME PROJECT." — Brian Bolke, president and co-founder, Forty Five Ten Team Forty Five Ten, from left: Brian Bolke, Taylor Tomasi Hill, Rob Dailey, Nick Wooster 43

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