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MEN OF TIME Above left: Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 40 in Everose gold, $37,550, at the Rolex boutique, Bachendorf's, de Boulle, Eiseman Jewels. ELVIS PRESLEY I gave away so many watches, man. I lost count. Loved wearing them, got a kick out of giving them away. I didn't need all the ones I had anyway, like the cars. Cadillacs and Rolexes, I made a lot of people happy with those things. When I was a kid in the Army, I always wore my Omega. Still had that one at the end. There's never enough time, is there? Harry Winston Opus 14 in white gold, $432,700, at the Harry Winston boutique. Shinola Rambler 600 in titanium, $1,325, at the Shinola boutique, Neiman Marcus. & Hublot Bruce Lee Be Water in ceramic, $29,800, at the Hublot boutique, Markham Jewelers. BY JAMES BROCK Presley, Churchill, and Gainsbourg were giants who ruled their domains. Known for their personal styles, magnetism (both men and women found them captivating), and mystique, these geniuses changed the world, affected millions, and inspire still today. Their backgrounds and influ- ences may have been diverse, but they shared a love of watches — a passion bordering on obsession, wonderfully evident in images of the trio. Here's what I imagine our conversations would be, and which timepieces they would wear today, ever elegant and perfect.

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