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S woon! There was little else one could do when encountering the 15 state-of-the-art working kitchens in the recently opened CookChill showroom in the Upper Kirby District. Tours of this emporium of kitchen appliances and design marked the launch of Texas Design Week Houston. CookChill owner Alan Nahman was on hand, as were Kennith Miller, Tim Kemrite, Ed Mammorella, and Sarah Prazak from Monogram, Texas Design Week sponsors. The mid-morning reception featured a presentation by renowned kitchen designer Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz (aka Richard A2Z, creative director of Monogram), as well as morning libations and tasty food presentations from Swift + Company. A fashionable clutch of interior designers and design aficionados toured the showroom's working kitchens, where Monogram held pride of place helmed by CookChill corporate executive chef Jay Johnston. Richard A2Z discussed "appliances as furniture," backed up by over 500 on view, from dreamy La Cornue ranges in bold colors and mixed metals, to Monogram's statement collection of solid brass pieces. "Not only are they beautiful," Richard A2Z said, "but brass actually conducts heat better, so you get a better cooking performance." Cooking Class: Scott Strasser, designer of the CookChill showroom; as well as Shannon Mann, Yesely Love, Leslie Carothers, Sandy Lucas, Carol Isaak Barden, Jamie Haskins, Jolynn Rogers, Cheryl Baker, Rasha Nasreddin, Abier Alkhouri, Camila Castaneda, Alli Ryan Motley, Sara Eliason, and George and Maria Tracy. Thank You to Our Sponsors: Monogram, CookChill, New Orleans Auction Galleries, Porcelanosa, The Shade Store, Alto, K & N Sales, and Swiggard Creative. KITCHENS DREAM RICHARD A2Z AND THE NEW COOKCHILL SHOWROOM TURN HEADS By Shelby Hodge. Photography Johnny Than. Alan Nahman Richard Thomas Anuszkiewicz Alli Ryan Motley, Tracy Motley Swift + Company soufflé Carol Isaak Barden Kennith Miller, Tim Kemrite, Sarah Prazak, Ed Mammorella Camila Castaneda Sara Eliason Kaitlin Saragusa Scott Strasser 112

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