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S. Post Oak Lane Belfiore, $5.4+ mil. Cathy Cagle/Sarah C. Sulma 713.298.6190 Stable Ln. Stablewood, $4.2+ mil. Ginny Galtney 713.818.8791 Vanderbilt West University, $3.9 mil. Bonnie Laughlin 713.805.6422 Piney Point Piney Point, $2.8 mil. Sharon Ballas 713.822.3895 Brentwood River Oaks, $2.7+ mil. Colleen Sherlock 713.858.6699 Wickersham River Oaks, $2.5+ mil. Karen Garrett 713.705.9706 Berthea Rice/Museum District, $1.9+ mil. Tim Surratt 713.320.5881 Avenue T Galveston, $1.9+ mil. Bet Jennings 281.773.3477 Reba Avalon Place, $1.9+ mil. Colleen Sherlock 713.858.6699 Riley West University, $1.4+ mil. Heidi Dugan 713.725.9239 E. Broad Oaks Broad Oaks, $1.2+ mil. Pama Abercrombie 832.715.7995 W. 23rd Heights, $1+ mil. Amanda Anhorn 713.256.5123 GREENWOOD KING 3201 KIRBY DRIVE / 1616 S. VOSS RD., SUITE 900 / 1801 HEIGHTS BLVD. HOUSTON, TEXAS a p l a c e t o f i n d y o u r h o m e 18,582 SQ. FT. LOT QUARTER + POOL

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