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A Tale of Two Parties Honorary chair Stephen Newton at CancerForward Honorary chair Betty Newton at CancerForward I Am Waters' sizzling Supermodels Luncheon, CancerForward's timeless Summer Standard CATHERINE D. ANSPON SURVEYS THE SCENE. PHOTOGRAPHY JENNY ANTILL, KIM COFFMAN, PRISCILLA DICKSON. Cheryl Tiegs at I Am Waters Lynn Wyatt at I Am Waters Hydration+Hope+Cheryl Tiegs and Runway Friends = I Am Waters Luncheon Some of the most beautiful and dashing fashion icons of the 1980s — Cheryl Tiegs joined by fellow supermodels of the era Kim Alexis, Tara Shannon, Jack Scalia, Dianne deWitt, Kelly Emberg, Joan Severance, Kim Charlton, Tony Spinelli, and Houston-based Elena Davis — headlined the sold-out, over-the-top inaugural I Am Waters Foundation Luncheon at the River Oaks Country Club. Davis, whose real-life tale of escaping childhood poverty to transform into a famous Kelli face for the Ford Agency moved Blanton at I Am Waters the crowd to tears, has become the spokesperson for the homeless through her foundation I Am Waters, which provides bottled water bearing uplifting messages to physically and spiritually nourish its recipients. More than 500 came to join Davis and husband Gregg Davis at the poignant afternoon chaired by Lindsay Holstead that raised more than $400,000 as it put a new face on homelessness in America. Super Givers: Terri Havens, Janet Shamlian, Susie Criner, Janet Hobby, Kelli Blanton, Vicki Rizzo with daughter Mauri Oliver, Lynn Wyatt, Joey Hunter, Elizabeth Petersen, and board member/activist Joseph Benson. Jess Moore at CancerForward Honorary chair Bobby Tudor at CancerForward Honorary chair Phoebe Tudor at CancerForward Marita Fairbanks at I Am Waters Sharin Norman at I Am Waters Honorary chair Steve Owsley at CancerForward Steve Trauber at I Am Waters Raquel Segal at I Am Waters Front row: Kim Alexis, Gregg & Elena Davis, Tara Shannon Second row: Jack Scalia, Dianne deWitt, Kelly Emberg, Joan Severance, Cheryl Tiegs, Kim Charlton, Tony Spinelli at I Am Waters Tiegs ... She always seemed down to earth with that fabulous smile ... Rosemarie Johnson: For sure, Kim Alexis. Katie Brass: Iman or Amber Valletta. Stephanie Cockrell: Linda Evangelista. Love her! Elizabeth Moore Arnold: Rene Russo. Terri & John Havens, Kelly Emberg at I Am Waters Kristin & Jason Kaminsky at CancerForward Jeanie Kilroy at I Am Waters Mauri Oliver, Vicki Rizzo at I Am Waters Vicki Rizzo: Cheryl Mary Elizabeth O'Leary Chair Lisa O'Leary at CancerForward Jamil Higley at I Am Waters Honorary chair Cabrina Owsley at CancerForward Party Query: Which supermodel shaped your personal style? Chairmen Liz & Robert Rigney at CancerForward Gabriela Gerhart at I Am Waters Joseph Benson at I Am Waters Chair Lindsay Holstead at I Am Waters Matt & Lauren Moncrief, Andrew & Meredith Moncrief Honoree Nancy Moncrief, Gerry Eversole, Melissa & Logan Moncrief Brooke & Price Moncrief at CancerForward Janet Hobby at I Am Waters Steve Mach at Cancer Forward Stephanie Cockrell at I Am Waters Bonner Ball at CancerForward Karen Pulaski, Gregg Davis Joan Schnitzer Lavy at I Am Waters A New Summer Standard for Cancer Survivors We have Beth Sanders Moore to thank for visionary CancerForward, the Web site that links survivors around the world to share medical breakthroughs and messages about health, healing and moving forward. One of the foundation's annual fund-raisers, the beguiling New Summer Standard, is now a fixture of the late-spring calendar. This year's timeless white-dinner-jacket and Beth Sanders diaphanous-gowned night at Houston Moore at CancerForward Country Club took as its cue the bold pattern-upon-patterned style of the late taste-maker decorator Dorothy Draper. The evening honored three-time survivor Nancy Moncrief, whose fours sons and daughtersin-law turned out, too — Lauren and Matt Moncrief, Meredith and Andrew Moncrief, Melissa and Logan Moncrief, Brooke and Price Moncrief — as did mom Gerry Eversole and brother and sister-in-law Merry Jane and Henry Eversole. Gala chairs Lisa and Mike O'Leary and Liz and Robert Rigney reigned over this classic benefit, with last year's chair triumvirate couples — Betty and Stephen Newton, Cabrina and Steven Owsley, and Phoebe and Bobby Tudor — recognized as honorary chairmen at this swell Summer Standard. (Save the date: CancerForward is the beneficiary of Saks Fifth Avenue's Key to the Cure kickoff (Wednesday, October 17) and shop-a-thon weekend (October 18 – 21). Katie Brass at I Am Waters Joella Mach at Cancer Forward Honoree Nancy Moncrief at CancerForward Elena Davis at I Am Waters

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