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Retail Baubles for Babies at Yurman Rendezvous Renee Lewis Cary at Fendi Mary Stanton Smith at Fendi Mia Jones at Fendi BY SETH VAUGHAN. PHOTOGRAPHY FULTON DAVENPORT, PRISCILLA DICKSON, SETH VAUGHAN. John Jamail Jr. at Tenenbaum Shirlee Jamail at Tenenbaum Foreign Affairs and Fine Jewels at Tenenbaum & Co. Diplomacy and diamonds met to great effect when Caroline Firestone received the 2012 Joanne King Herring Humanitarian Award at Tenenbaum & Co. Presiding over the gem bash were Tenenbaum owners Tony Bradfield and Kevin Black, joined by founder Louis Tenenbaum and wife Kim. After the award presentation, FIrestone signed her book Afghans and Americans United, which profiles those devoted to improving the lives of Afghans. Enjoying the utterly international evening: Shirlee Jamail, along with son John Jamail Jr., Malcolm Morris, Pily Simon, Joan Blaffer, Joan and Doug McLeod, Penny Loyd, Stevie Jones, Mary Lynn Rushing, Harriet and Gil Gertner, Shawn Jones, and Carol Hunton. Kevin Black at Tenenbaum Tony Bradfield at Tenenbaum Joanne King Herring at Tenenbaum Raquel Segal at Fendi Host Lisa Holthouse at Fendi Matt Schaub at Yurman Andrea Eastham at Yurman Claudia Contreras at Fendi Jewels and jocks converged at David Yurman's Galleria boutique for a Texas Children's Hospital benefit hosted by Texans quarterback Matt Schaub and wife Laurie. Texas Children's Eileen Condit and Stacey Cook imparted information about ongoing changes at the hospital to sports fans and committed supporters of the institution alike. The hospital, which treats childhood cancer and blood disorders while educating future doctors through its affiliation with Baylor, is one of the very best in the nation, and boasts a state-of-the-art Pavilion for Women to care for moms and babies. Admiring Yurman's trademark double-helix bangles and baubles: William Phillips, Allie and John Mitchener, Stacey Lindseth, Janis Frank, Paige and Forrest Green, Yurman's Joanna Ortiz, Neekie and Amir Kashani, Helen and Terry Gebert, Julie Dodson, Andrea Eastham, and Madelynn Eastham. Chris Kimbrough at Yurman Lauren Granello at Yurman Laurie Schaub at Yurman Madelynn Eastham at Yurman Julie Dodson at Yurman Penny Loyd at Tenenbaum Pily Simon at Tenenbaum Stevie Jones, Ashley Jones Shelly Ann Marks at Tenenbaum Allie Mitchener at Yurman Forrest & Paige Green at Yurman John Mitchener at Yurman Caroline Firestone at Tenenbaum Harriet Gertner, Tami Ernst at Tenenbaum William Phillips at Yurman Wendy Dawson, Sofia Ibarra, Veronica Ibarra Isabella Orvananos at Fendi Clare Jackson at Fendi Susan Vick at Fendi Lori Freese, Ellen Grodjesk, Elizabeth Gillis at Tenenbaum Fendi's Mellow Yellow at Lemonade Day Sheri Bailey, Pepper Edens at Fendi John Adger, Joan Blaffer at Tenenbaum Eileen Condit, Stacey Cook, Maggie Ortmeyer at Yurman Fendi for Lemonade Day Lisa Holthouse opened the doors to her Memorial manse for a celebration of all things citron to support the enfants entrepreneurs behind Lemonade Day, a citywide initiative begun in 2007 that teaches children how to run a business. The evening also offered a preview of the newest Fendi designs — appropriately enough, since the Roman retailer known for furs and luxury leather goods has long used a tawny shade as its trademark hue. Amongst the mini-moguls and mavens: Clare Jackson, Susan Vick, Renee Lewis Cary, Mia Jones, Mary Stanton Smith, Patty Dominguez, Lemonade Day prez Julie Eberly, Lucy Bremond, Sheri Bailey, Lucinda Loya, Pepper Edens, and Yolanda Green.

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