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Letter from the Editor Illustration Russel Gandy T he year 2024 most definitely started with a bang. As I pen this month's missive to you, I've just come off Lunar New Year's weekend, the world is abuzz about the fairy-tale kiss on the gridiron between Princess Swift and her tight-end (the lurid innuendo of that position always makes me blush) beau after his Super Bowl win, and it's the eve of Valentine's (or Galentine's) Day. So far, the Year of the Dragon has been a zippy ride. I've already been to countless cocktail affairs and charity lunches playing at such a fast clip that even when the moments aren't all that fabulous or humorous, it's okay because I'm already off to another. As for the issue in front of you … Might we call this our Ode to Icons? Inside, you'll find the most recent inductees to our ongoing Texas Design Icons list; Rebecca Sherman's exploration of a 1935 French Norman country cottage designed by Charles Dilbeck that's been hiding in plain sight in Bluffview; and a party over the holidays filled with fashion celebrities truly worthy of icons status. Finally, unless you've been under a rock (or helicoptering around New Zealand, like one of my adopted sisters), you've likely been opining on the hot topic: Ryan Murphy's Feud: Capote vs. The Swans. On a recent plane ride with my confidante, CW, she mournfully expressed, "I wish the story was about his fun times with these women." My retort: "You do know the title is Feud?" I did agree, though. Given this divisive world we live in, I yearn for a tale of friends giggling over a martini or cha- chaing with abandon in the most divine of outfits (paired with a Verdura cuff, of course). Unfortunately, we all know the swan-dalous outcome of these relationships with the diminutive witty writer. (BTW, while googling, I came upon what is likely my favorite Capote quote: "Fame is only good for one thing — they will cash your check in a small town.") Well, I say why not take further artistic liberty and rewrite a fictional ending. If I had been in that Hollywood writer's room, I would have suggested this end to the series. SCENE: Truman and his OG swan are lounging on rattan chairs with pineapple-patterned coral cushions poolside as the sun sets on Round Hill. Reference Slim Aaron pics. Truman: Oh, Babe, I heard that song again the other day by the wickedly handsome Frankie Valli. And those lyrics so make me think of you: "You're just too good to be true. Can't take my eyes off of you. I love you, Babe … Babe: Thank you, Truman. Will you be a dear and make me another cocktail. Cheers, Billy Fong Dallas Editor in Chief 26

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