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By Billy Fong. Photography Lori Sapio. D id I miss some- thing? Is big hair back?" … "You see how picky I am about my shoes — and they only go on my feet." And, most definitely: "I'm gonna be a supermodel." If you don't know any of these beyond-memorable quotes (most attributed to an era defining film adored by fashionistas and one to the poppiest of pop-star artists, Ashley Longshore), you might not have been among the guests at the 2023 FGI (Fashion Guild International) Night of Stars. Believe me, that title wasn't just puff and fluff. The event delivered on stars, who came to Dallas to either accept or present awards, including Bethann Hardison, Nina Garcia, Tyson Beckford, Christian Siriano, the aforementioned Miz Longshore, and — drumroll please — the ever-quotable Cher herself from Clueless, Alicia Silverstone. I'll start with that fashionista, who famously had a dry-cleaner-like rolling rack system in her closet and was the role model of any girl (or gay boy) who grew up in the 1990s. For the awards, she wasn't wearing her famed yellow-and-black plaid skirt suit and instead came swanning to the podium of the ballroom at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, in a divine white Christian Siriano trouser suit. With her wavy blond tresses, she looked like an old-school movie star à la Veronica Lake. The girl who ingrained "as if" into our lexicon was in Dallas to give an award to her dear friend Christian. One of the ringmasters behind this year's award events was fashion visionary Brian Bolke, who's widely known for being a devil — and I mean that in the most congratulatory way — in the details. This year's awards were celebrated over several nights, and one of those also served as Bolke's Conservatory Holiday Party. He pulled out his enviable Rolodex and invited a who's who of Dallas' fashionable clique for an evening of cocktails, air-kisses, and inspiration. Guests of honor included Adam Shulman and Heidi Nahser Fink of James Banks, Julie Macklowe of The Macklowe Whiskey, and Brian Atwood and Zak Rodriguez of Il Fratellino. On to the main event: A Night of Stars. Upon arriving, I had a Marvel-movie moment as I witnessed two caped crusaders making their entrance: my favorite witch who puts even Endora to shame, Corbin Chamberlin of Sage & Salt (who was also a marquee star at The Conservatory's bash), on the arm of Moll Anderson in a custom Christian Siriano gown with plumage and cape train in her signature lavender. Needing a cocktail before the intime convos began, I found a bar off the lobby holding area, that a few of us — including Jessica Nowitzki, Faisal Halum, and Missy Peck — dubbed in hushed tones the VIP secret bar. Standout fashion moments included Korey Williams in Chanel and Reed Robertson in Simkhai's new men's line, with some bedazzling jewelry on loan. Best hair award goes to Suzanne Droese for sweeping her platinum locks into an updo. Devil WEARS SIRIANO, AS IF The FGI Dallas Night of Stars Zak Rodriguez, Christian Siriano Ashley Longshore, Brian Bolke at Conservatory Nerissa Von Helpenstill Holly Quartaro at FGI Gala Nina Garcia at FGI Gala 40

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