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• Jessica Vollrath at Pencil on Paper Gallery: A preview of Jessica Vollrath's works from Dallas' own Pencil on Paper Gallery definitely piqued our interest. Her spiritual paintings often depict figures posed in front of stained glass, beautifully capturing light, color, and the figure. Vollrath's work is also her personal journey as she continues to explore her own identity and place in this world. In paintings such as In Anticipation of Love and Tell Them You Are My Sister, she creates a mood through layered images, gestures, and distinct tones that direct the viewer's focus. Notice how the painter uses color to unify her figures, some with blue skin … More with Geoff Green and Sheryl-Adkins Green on Frank Hettig, Heritage Auctions' vice president of modern & contemporary art, on which European galleries he's tracking at the fair. • Deborah Butterfield at Marlborough Gallery: At the fair, you will find familiar faces, such as the remarkable horse sculptures by American sculptor Deborah Butterfield (Marlborough Gallery, London, Madrid, Barcelona, New York). Butterfield's sculptures are not only notable for their lifelike appearance but also for the way they explore themes of nature, animal presence, and environmental consciousness. • Imi Knoebel at Galerie Christian Lethert: Another artist who has significantly impacted the contemporary art scene is the German talent Imi Knoebel, celebrated for his minimalist and abstract art. Emerging from the influential Düsseldorf Art Academy, Knoebel's work is characterized by its focus on the fundamentals of color, form, and space. • Calum Innes at Kerlin Gallery: Dublin's Kerlin Gallery will show Scottish artist Calum Innes' new paintings. Innes is best known for his unique method of "unpainting," a technique where he initially applies paint to the canvas in traditional methods but then selectively removes portions of the paint with turpentine. This process creates a compelling interplay between presence and absence, solidity and transience, lending his works a sense of fluidity and dynamism. • Ashley Zelinskie at Torch Gallery: Besides the above, you'll want to discover new artists and see what the younger generation is up to. I am curious to see the artworks by the conceptual artist Ashley Zelinskie at Amsterdam dealer Torch Gallery. Zelinskie has been working alongside NASA's James Webb Space Telescope team … More with Frank Hettig at Dallas Art Fair, Thursday – Sunday, April 4 – 7, at Fashion Industry Gallery; tickets, exhibitors, more, Adam Green recommends (top) Madeleine Bialke's Phoenix, 2024, at Alexander Berggruen; and (left) Nadia Waheed's Revenant, 2023, at Nicodim Gallery. All images courtesy the artists and their respective galleries. (Continued from page 44) 46

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