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120 NANCY AND ERIK LITTLEJOHN, DAUGHTER ISABELLA City life: Nancy — owner, Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art (opening January 2019 in Houston); Erik — private wealth manager. In the words of Nancy: Country time: Erik and I went to Round Top for the first time about 20 years ago, for the antiques. Homestead: We moved into our farm in October 2010. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere. My, what a difference eight years have made in Round Top. The original farmhouse is from the 1800s and was moved to our property from La Grange. We purchased the property and house furnished from a local lady who started the project. Since moving in, I have done all of the interior design myself, and it has taken Erik and me nine years to transform the property, gardens, and buildings to make it our own. As one person wisely said to us early on, "With a country property, it's a process, not an event." Unexpected find: Festival Hill. James Dick is an absolute genius, and Festival Hill's summer program for musicians is third in the country, only behind the Tanglewood Music Festival and the Aspen Music Festival. A day in Round Top: People are very curious about: "What we do in Round Top?" I generally say, "Sometimes it's about what we don't do." We are all voracious readers, so we definitely power off, and the season determines our day. In the spring and summer we start on the porch of the pool house because we like to be outside and listen to the birds in the morning and look out over the pond and pastures. On a cold winter night, it's fun to bundle up after dinner and go into town. We go to Prost, a tiny wine bar in the most amazing antique stone building that's owned by the Round Top Inn. Nook: I like to read late night in the wine room. It has a fabulous antique French wellhead that serves as the centerpiece of the room, and I believe the floor had to be reinforced because it's so heavy. It's 5 o'clock: Sometimes we grab a bottle of wine, all climb in the mule, and head over to Stones Throw, our guest house, to watch the sunset from the stone deck that sits on the pond. Other times, we make cocktails at the main house and sit on yet another deck overlooking the main pond. I call this area Cafe Littlejohn, as it has the cutest cafe tables and striped umbrellas. "AS ONE PERSON WISELY SAID TO US EARLY ON, 'WITH A COUNTRY PROPERTY, IT'S A PROCESS, NOT AN EVENT.'" — Nancy Littlejohn Erik is our in-house mixologist, and he makes unbelievably good whiskey sours. Cook's night off: We are very spoiled with dining options in Round Top, and if I told you I cook at home, Cinda and Armando would beg to differ. We are regulars at Mandito's and Lulu's, which are fabulous. Animals: We have the sweetest Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Georgie. He's everyone's favorite. Round Top takeaway: We actually entertain more in Round Top than in Houston because our friends love being in the country. It's a very special place, and we've created some wonderful memories. Round Top can be very social, but the best part is, you can do as little or as much as you like. The country is the best place to daydream and let your mind wander. It's the perfect percolator for creativity. (continued on page 122) (continued from page 118) Erik Littlejohn, daughter Isabella, Nancy Littlejohn

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