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122 KATHY AND HARRY MASTERSON City life: Kathy — designer, Houston; Harry — real estate developer. In the words of Kathy: Country time: I have been coming since 1970, when the grass was taller than me. Harry is a newcomer and has only been coming for 26 years. Your homestead. We inherited the home 10 years ago. Kurt Aichler is the architect. A day in Round Top: Harry gets up before the sun comes up, gets his coffee, and sits on the patio to watch the sun rise. Then he will hit some paperwork in his office before starting a day of outdoor/ shop manual labor. There is always something to plant, repair, paint, or build. I rise at a more decent hour, by 8 am, and enjoy coffee in my office, which has a large floor-to-ceiling window with a great view. The kids ride the golf carts, jump on the trampoline, swim, shoot guns, hit golf balls, zip line, slack line, pretty much anything fun outdoors. We like to host lots of "locals," as we call our friends/ neighbors, my Dad [Tommy Jacomini] being local #1. Your brood: We have all teenagers. Kay is 15, Cochran and Garrett are 13. Nook: My office in the master suite, removed and peaceful. Harry's favorite spot is on the porch. Familial activities: We play games (backgammon, gin, Rummikub) in the living room and cook hamburgers at the pool. There is a nice pergola on my parent's adjoining property where we can eat, lay on the chaises, or play in the pool. The labs usually join us. For a Sunday afternoon, exploring the creek or watching my Dad fly radio-controlled airplanes with his friends. And there's a bocce ball court outside the living room. We generally make our own rules on this one. It's 5 o'clock: When we have plenty of mint in the garden, Harry will make large batches of mojitos. The prep is time-consuming, but he's great at the muddling. Cook's night out: Our favorite restaurant is Mandito's, which we frequent with the kids. The food is great, and it's easy. Home fires: Pot roast in the winter and brisket in the summer. Harry is the chef, and I am sous chef. On the grill — figs with goat cheese and bacon, or sliders. Animals: One yellow lab, Spook — he's a Halloween pup. Growing: Basil, pequin chilis, rosemary, pear trees, fig trees, roses, peaches, mint, hay, and flowers. Secret sources: I'm afraid there are no secret sources, as they have all been discovered. During the antiques show. I usually only go to the places where I can count on finding great things, like Marburger, Big Red Barn, The Arbors, and Paul Michael. I have shopped The Compound; it's a newer one on my radar. Advice for city slickers: Check out Festival Hill and Winedale. And, if you can't find it at the Mercantile, then you don't really need it. Round Top takeaway: Life in the country is relaxing even though we are constantly "doing." We gravitate to the serene surroundings and instantly unwind when we hit the rock road. The country is a great place for kids to grow up. "I HAVE BEEN COMING SINCE 1970, WHEN THE GRASS WAS TALLER THAN ME. HARRY IS A NEWCOMER AND HAS ONLY BEEN COMING FOR 26 YEARS." — Kathy Masterson Harry and Kathy Masterson with Spook (continued from page 120)

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