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FRONT ROW: JACKIE MCGUIRE, Compass SUSAN BALDWIN, Allie Beth Allman and Assoc. MICHELLE WOOD, Compass AMY DET WILER, Compass MADELINE JOBST, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's FAISAL HALUM, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's EMILY RAY-PORTER, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate JOAN ELE A ZER, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's BURTON RHODES, Compass DORIS JACOBS, Allie Beth Allman and Assoc. EMILY PRICE CARRIGAN, Emily Price Carrigan Properties FRANK PURCELL, Allie Beth Allman and Assoc. SUSAN MARCUS, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's BACK ROW: CHAD BARRET T, Allie Beth Allman and Assoc. BECKY FRE Y, Compass JONATHAN ROSEN, Compass RALPH RANDALL, Briggs Freeman Sotheby's KYLE CREWS, Allie Beth Allman and Assoc. ERIN MATHEWS, Allie Beth Allman and Assoc. TOM HUGHES, C ompas s STEWART LEE, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate PENNY RIVENBARK PAT TON, Ebby Halliday Realtors MARK CAIN, Compass RYAN STREIFF, Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate

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