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weren't much of a thing yet, but the landlines still worked, so group editor in chief Holly Moore called me and said, "Remember how to use paper and a pen? Write out your stories and find a working fax machine somewhere and fax them in." I wrote them all out and trekked in the slippery ice in my heels and pencil skirt a few blocks away to the 7-Eleven in search of a working fax. Mission accomplished; I trekked back, only to find the building's electricity humming to life. A favorite personality you profiled. There was a big return to all things Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, so Hunter Sullivan and his big band were the must-have entertainment for Dallas society parties. For one magazine cover, we photographed him and his then-wife Monique DeMers looking very Rat Pack desert Palm Springs standing beside the Baron and Baroness Ricky and Sandra di Portanova's pool. Fangirl moment. I was most nervous to interview Viscount Linley, who in addition to being the son Before EIC … During my first years at PaperCity, before becoming co-editor in chief with Brooke Hortenstine, I was covering home design and personalities — although we all had our hands in everything! It was a small staff putting out a very big magazine. Before PaperCity, I was staff writer for the legendary style section of The Dallas Morning News, called Fashion!Dallas. Elsewhere in the world. In the 2000s, it was all about the contemporary art scene in Dallas. It was growing exponentially and getting the attention of the world because of our artists, collectors, galleries, and museums. At the very same time, the performing arts were gasoline on that fire, culminating in the opening of the AT&T Performing Arts Center and the launch of the Dallas Art Fair in the same year: 2009. Dallas was white-hot, all thanks to the creatives. Challenge you find amusing now. Typing up every single change and correction related to each issue's proofs! Painful! We didn't have an electronic way to make the changes to the designed pages — they were just PDFs sent through email — so we had to write out our corrections for the copy director, Sharon L. Taylor, at the mothership in Houston. We'd have to type up these long, tedious missives that ROB BRINKLEY, TOAST MASTER (2004 to 2011) of Princess Margaret was a talented and trained furniture maker. He'd traveled to Dallas to introduce his furniture collection at Neiman Marcus. Aside from his posh English accent, he turned out to be charming and easy to talk to. How you've seen the magazine evolve. For years, we only ran black- and-white party pictures because they made people look so much better when they were scanned. Film was still the only way to shoot, and digital cameras were still a few years away, at least. Also, the magazine was published as a broadsheet until September 2016, when it finally became perfect bound. That one change made everything easier, and we all wondered why it didn't happen sooner. What you're up to now. After a long hiatus, I returned to PaperCity in 2014 as home design editor, and here I remain! Opposite page: August 2006. Top left: December 2003. Below, from left: November 2004, January 2016, March 2004. "WE ALL HAD OUR HANDS IN EVERYTHING!" — ROB BRINKLEY 149

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