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Your desk. Google "Karl Lagerfeld's desk," then mentally subtract half of the paper piles. Favorite story. I was creative director of The Book at Neiman Marcus in the early 2000s, and slightly cheeky concepts were a hard sell. Not at PaperCity! The sassier the story, the more Holly Moore liked it. One of my favorite contributions was inspired by a Jay-Z song: "99 Problems but the Bench Ain't One." I can't remember the showroom, the furniture designer, or what the bench even looked like. But, man, I loved that I got to use that headline. Fangirl moment. I had the opportunity to interview Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren of Viktor & Rolf while they were in town for an event at Forty Five Ten. I was completely starstruck but determined to act otherwise. They were charming, funny, unguarded, and I walked away feeling like I had really made a connection. It wasn't until the following day that I discovered my voice notes hadn't turned on. I had to write the entire article from memory and, well, all I could remember was one of them saying, Before EIC … Prior to the behemoth influencer industry today, I founded PinkMemo in 2007, a digital luxury magazine with blog editions in Dallas, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Sadly, I closed the business in 2013 and then segued my career path to PaperCity magazine, thanks to a fortuitous call. Your day. After fine-tuning my PC-appropriate ensemble, which always included heels (back when sneakers were worn for a workout only), I arrived at the office for my third-morning coffee, followed by an editorial meeting with the Dallas team, with discussions on the previous night's events, MAX TROWBRIDGE, THE BRIT (2013 to 2015) the scoop on who, what, and why — our morning entertainment. Appointments, lunches, writing, editing, cocktail parties, and repeat. Party moment. My timing for joining PaperCity was impeccable! The first event I attended was the Paris-Dallas Chanel Métiers d'Art show in December 2013, and it's hard to top that experience. Post-show, I'll never forget the scene of lithe models riding a mechanical bucking bronco. And, of course, watching Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour chatting together in a convertible in the drive-in theater set was quite unbelievable. Favorite story. Too many! From conversations with Bruce Weber, Mario Testino, Zac Posen, Prabal Gurung, British artist Ian Davenport, a visit to Helmut Lang's home and studio in East Hampton, and a visit to the home of Donna Karan in Manhattan. Honestly, I'm torn between my chat with Donna Karan and Helmut Lang. What you're up to now. I returned to my fashion-design era and launched the first collection of Eve & Max in 2021. "These are really good questions." I also remember sitting at my desk one day, looking up, and seeing now- L.A. Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford casually walking past my door. He had stopped by the office to see his mom, Margaret Stafford. I was embarrassingly uncool about it. How you've seen the magazine evolve. I was around during the days of the broadsheet format and was wildly envious once the magazine adopted a perfect binding. What I love about the magazine today are the things that haven't changed since its inception: its voice, its style, its authority, its sense of fun. What you're up to now. I left PC to get my master's degree in integrative medicine. These days, I spend my days wielding acupuncture needles and Chinese herbs. Not nearly as glamorous but, honestly, just as compelling to me. That said, I do (occasionally) miss wearing stilettos to work. "APPOINTMENTS, LUNCHES, WRITING, EDITING, COCKTAIL PARTIES, AND REPEAT." — MAX TROWBRIDGE 152

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