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he says. "And sometimes, a parent has had a favorite style earmarked for years." Look at the Layout "The functionality of a space is paramount in any room, and in a nursery, it's more important than ever," Burkle says. "A well-designed nursery should include several key pieces, from a dresser and changing table to areas for seating and lounging, bookcases, storage, and a place for toys. Once the layout and scale are complete, you'll be better able to look at styles and finishes without compromising functionality." Themes and Color Palettes Burkle encourages clients to think about the atmosphere and feel they want for the room. "A preppy space, filled with plaids, stripes, and deeper colors? Or a soothing, neutral- colored room, a floral-patterned theme, or a pretty, sophisticated place?" he says. "Details often come together quickly once we discuss the overall feel and big picture for the space." Bringing Up Javier Burkle PAPERCITY PROMOTION W hether you just learned your family is growing, your due date is looming, or you're ready to create the ideal room for your little one as you settle into a new home, the nursery is a crucial line item on every parent's to-do list. It's a place filled with wonder, practical moments, unending play, and imagination — a sacred backdrop for special moments and milestones. Enter designer Javier Burkle, who understands how to translate his clients' needs and desires into the perfect place to bring baby home to — a place that will evolve from infancy to childhood and beyond, serving the family for years to come. Start with the Crib "First things first," Burkle says. "Always pick the crib before you look at anything else." This is the one piece you'll need above everything else, so selecting it early will better guarantee a timely delivery. Also, the style of crib a parent- to-be has envisioned can determine the rest of the space. "I have a few favorite cribs I love to recommend when we're getting started," Lighting "Lighting not only adds to the look and feel of a space, but it's incredibly functional — and nowhere more so than in a nursery," Burkle says. "I encourage clients to think about both blackout curtains and sheers for windows to help make the transition from day to night. I also love lighting with a warm glow for nurseries, and dimmers. Dimmers should be on every light in a nursery." Heirlooms for the Next Generation Burkle believes in passing down heirlooms and special pieces for the next generation. "Whether it's an antique child's wooden rocking chair, a christening gown, or a special memento, I feel honored to incorporate these cherished keepsakes into a child's room. These are the pieces that make a room part of a home, and more importantly, they tell the story and history of the family." Designed to Grow "I remind my clients that a space can change significantly over the years without making substantial revisions," Burkle says. "By switching out the artwork, replacing the crib with a full bed or a set of twins, or moving out the changing table and adding a child's desk, a well-designed room should easily grow and evolve — without a major overhaul." The result is a room that affords babies and parents a place of both longevity and delight. Burkle Creative DESIGNER JAVIER BURKLE'S HOW-TO GUIDE FOR PLANNING THE PERFECT NURSERY 155

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