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Letter from the Editor C link clink! We have a toast to make. Pa p e r C i t y D a l l a s i s c e l e b r a t i n g a milestone: We've hit a quarter of a century. The world flashes by with such great speed that it took us a moment to realize that it's been 25 years since the debut of our 1998 September issue (with a Texas dip, of course). I've had a long history with PC — first as an avid reader, then as a contributor with my Billy Fong Sez column. My meet cute with the magazine dates back to late 2005, when I arrived fresh-faced (I was in my 30s, so my skin was quite resilient) off the bus from Connecticut. With a navy-blue Prada sweater tied over my white Brooks Brothers shirt (yes, still my standard daily uniform), I had come to work for the Dallas Museum of Art. It was a simpler era. You didn't correspond with old acquaintances over Facebook; you dialed them up on your flip phone or your landline. You didn't meet new friends via an APP but rather by venturing out to a lounge, nightclub, or, better yet, party. I first spied the magazine at a stand at a well-positioned spot adjacent to Toulouse on Knox, where the beau monde was sipping bubbles and chatting endlessly about McDreamy on that new show Grey's Anatomy. I opened PaperCity (in its original broadsheet newspaper- style format), and it was love at first sight. Ads for Cartier and luxury meccas such as Neiman Marcus were sprinkled throughout, as well as pictures of soirées that I dreamed of attending in my new home — Dallas. It reminded me of that friend who always looks effortlessly chic. You know the one: decked out for brunch at Toulouse in boyfriend jeans, Adidas Rod Lavers, a threadbare sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up just shy of three- quarter length, and a Verdura cuff. You just know that looking that cool took some calculated preparation, but at the end of the day, you forgive them since it was executed to such perfection. My first moment with one of the creators of this charming publication happened at a DMA gala. A lithe and petite creature with flowing brunette tresses was charming a group of guests near the bar. Like a fantasy moment from a John Hughes flick, she turned my way and, with great authority, said: "Who are you, and what's your story?" That was then editor in chief Brooke Hollis Hortenstine. I knew I had officially arrived. Time and again, I've heard such sentiments from others recounting the first time they saw their face in one of PaperCity's party spreads. In your hands now, you'll find pages filled with bespoke interiors, fantastical fashion, engaging art exhibitions, my personal bucket-list travel destination, and the buzz on all that's swellegant and worthy of your attention. There's also a feature dedicated to the editors in chief who have come before me — the bubbly personalities, more wide-eyed and eccentric than any character from a Wes Anderson flick, who have brought you PaperCity over the past 25 years. I'm sure you'll enjoy their memories of epic parties and celebrity interview subjects … and the infamous mid-century desk where we've all held court. Finally, cheers to our visionary founder, Holly Moore, who realized that PaperCity was just what Dallas wanted. We predict she'll be starting a conga line soon to lead us through our next quarter century. Billy Fong Dallas Editor in Chief Dana Garner and Billy Fong. Illustration Leanne Fitzpatrick. 44

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