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ALL DIOR CRUISE 2024 FASHION AVAILABLE AT DIOR BOUTIQUES NATIONWIDE, 800.929.DIOR. " Mexicans can be born wherever they want," Costa Rican-born singer Chavela Vargas would reply when asked where she was from. Surrealism was born in a host of cities around the globe, yet it found a warm embrace in Mexico. As seen through subtle homages to contemporary art, music, and literature, surrealist architecture often references ideas only conceivable in our dreams. It portrays characters born of a moment exactly for that moment. There is not a before or after, rather a world that floats like a satellite, with creators seeding the land with ideas that would grow and live on to this day. It is this fantastical world of artisanal traditions in which surrealism thrived in 1940s Mexico. At the same time many surrealists were making themselves comfortable in a country where women did not yet have the right to vote, where people went to the tianguis and not the su- permarket, and where trams did the work of the underground, some important doors were opened to a group of women. These women demonstrated strength and autonomy, self-reliance, and an expression of ideas that gained the immediate attention of the world. Three of the most important Mexican women artists of this era, Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo and Remedios Varo, translated Mexican surrealism into a syncretism that made it possible to find, in the same space, on the same canvas, on a single sheet or woven with the same threads, ideas that are trapped in the crossroads of the modern and the ancient. Today, decades after Carrington and Varo appeared in the everyday life of Frida Kahlo's Mexico City, we continue to be influenced by what this powerful trio left on the cultural table, now impregnated with the needs of the women of our times. Maria Giner De Los RĂ­os A Special Portfolio Dior dress and Metamorphose hairpin. 76

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