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SEPTEMBER | PAGE 28 | 2015 BY JANE ROZELLE. PHOTOGRAPHY JOSH BLAYLOCK, KRISTINA BOWMAN, BRUNO, SNAP THE PICTURE, TEXAS MEDIA CONSULTING. SUITING UP Two hundred guests were tickled pink to support the launch of this year's Suits for Shelters, which provides clothing to local domestic violence shelters. Hosts Ryan and Maleiah Rogers joined The Mary Kay Foundation and Tootsies in welcoming the cheerful crowd to an evening of fashion, fund- raising and celebrating seven years of success. Since the program's inception, more than 14,000 professional items have been donated to help female survivors get back on track. Playing their part: Sara Friedman, Tatyana Murphy, Melissa Rountree, Peter Luby, David and Punam Shallenberger, Bridgette Brewer, Brittanie Wells, Brian and Cindy Hanson, Amy Tippetts, and Ellie Claffey. SQUAD GLAM SOCIALS SUIT UP AND STRIP DOWN. YLANG 23'S COVETED BEJEWELED NIGHTS Jewelry designers Monique Péan and Jennifer Meyer breezed into town at the behest of Ylang 23's Joanne and Charles Teichman for two starry nights. For Péan's soirée, a private reception at the home of Eric and Katherine Reeves was followed by cocktails and canapés among twinkling lights in the garden of the Nasher Sculpture Center. Lilies and lilacs waited at each place setting at the seated dinner, and a percentage of sales that night went to the North Texas Food Bank's Food 4 Kids program. Seeing stars: Allison Nixon, Julie Shaw, Brooke Hortenstine, Helene and Joe Rudberg, Suzanne Droese, Lynne Palmeiro, Christie Reniger, and Matt Yeaman. Golden L.A. girl Jennifer Meyer had celeb hubby Tobey Maguire in tow for their visit, for which Joanne T and Joyce Goss threw a cocktailed shopping party at the home of Kenny Goss. Later that evening, Meyer was surprised with a birthday dinner at D.E.C. Singing along: Caitlin Carty, Ashley Green, Capa Mooty, Karla McKinley, Wendy Payne, Cate Ford, Denise and Tori Nills, Kaki Roach, and Jane Darrow. WHITE LIGHTNING At Young Friends of the Wilkinson Center's annual White Party, flamenco dancers and feather headdresses swayed in a sea of white in the Harwood district hot spot Saint Ann. As DJ Steffi Burns spun Brazilian beats, the crowd took over the dance floor — and went crazy when confetti bombs dropped from the skies. Whited out: Julia Wood, Vodi Cook, Hunter Heres, Jenn Dolim, Niña and Trevor Tollett, Laura Reeder, Caroline Harrison, Clayton Floyd, and Luis Sanchez. GOING BARE The walls of The Goss-Michael Foundation did talk, with stories of trials and triumph at Stripped: Deconstructed | Reconstructed, the inaugural event for Stripped for Cancer. Chaired by Susie Straubmueller and Jonika Nix, with honorary chair Nancy Johnson, the evening featured an exhibition of a specially commissioned photographic series as well as a digital art installation of cancer survivors by director Tom De Nolf. The benefit for the American Cancer Society and Cattle Baron's Ball showcased the joy and pain of women who have been impacted by cancer. "There is beauty in the strength and grace of these women," said Straubmueller, whose sister's own personal battle inspired her to launch this event. Empowered: Mary Jane Martinez, Delfina Reyna, Shawna Patrick, April Samuels, Corky Nix, Doug Straubmueller, Emily WIlliams, Allen Ferguson, Jill Tananbaum, and Paul Ferguson. Blake Willbrand at White Party Jack Stone at White Party Maggie Gonzalez at White Party Katelyn Courtney Bridget Ryan Anna- Sophia van Zweden Eneida Hatch Annie Wang at White Party Dustin Holcomb at Tootsies Blake Rogers at Tootsies Holly Heft Nerissa von Helpenstill Chair Susie Straubmueller at Stripped Cathy Williamson at Stripped Rand Mason at Stripped Marissa Vosper at Stripped Lauren Schwab Lainie Kritser Jonathan Paul at Stripped Lisa Dawson Kathryn Knox at Stripped Dean Wilson Dylan Hollingsworth Joanne Teichman at Ylang 23 Dax Pass at Ylang 23 Leslie Caron Natalie Chu at Ylang 23 Wilson Chu Lael Brodsky at Ylang 23 Toby Maguire at Ylang 23 OJ DeSouza at White Party Monique Péan at Ylang 23 Tina Craig Jenn Dolim Lindsay Billingsley at Ylang 23 Capera Ryan Peter Brodsky Caroline Summers Charles Teichman Chair Jonika Nix Tom De Nolf Jaclyn Garrett Kirsten Gappelberg at Tootsies Lori Thomas Katrina Denke at Tootsies Tracy Madans at Tootsies Michael Lunceford Paige Flink Ryan Rogers at Tootsies Maleiah Rogers Jan Langbein Jennifer Meyer

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