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VA-VOOM VLADIMIR V ladimir Kagan has created masterpieces of mid-century modern furniture for more than 60 years. And, delightfully for us, the revered designer breezed into town at the invitation of David and Ann Sutherland, and spent an evening at the showroom, charming guests and signing his newly minted tome, Vladimir Kagan: A Lifetime of Avant-Garde Design (Pointed Leaf Press). The penned project is an update of The Complete Kagan that includes newer works completed over the course of the last decade. (Such as the 360 Omnibus sofas ordered by Tom Ford for Gucci boutiques worldwide). Throughout his career, Kagan has catered to a rather swanky clientele, including Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper and the aforementioned Mr. Ford. Design enthusiasts jumped at the opportunity to visit with Kagan, lining up for a handshake, a word. In a dynamic comeback, the octogenarian is producing a collection of his most iconic furnishings exclusively for David Sutherland Showrooms in Houston and Dallas. In the crowd: Patsy Donosky, Doc Moe, Robyn Menter, Beverly Field, Morris Prigoff, Robin Daniel, Ashlie Dickey, Emerald Subiro, Elissa Vicknair, Emily Blann, Vinny Tavares, April Graves, Rodney Willis, Rick Rozas, Dan Nelson, Mark and Jean Dilworth, Sam Claussen, Lee Lormand, James Campbell, Wynne Brown, Frank Trejo, Sutherland's Cayla Atha, Beau Black, Sasha Villarreal, and Jeff Dashley. SEPTEMBER | PAGE 52 | 2015 BY JANE ROZELLE. PHOTOGRAPHY MARK ANTHONY NELSON. VLADIMIR KAGAN A MOST MODERN AFFAIR WITH "VLADIMIR KAGAN IS A LEGEND IN MID-CENTURY MODERN DESIGN AND, AS MANY DESIGN ENTHUSIASTS KNOW, A PIONEER OF CURVACEOUS, INVITING FURNITURE." — David Sutherland EYES ON THE PRIZE: WHICH PIECE OF FURNITURE SPEAKS TO YOU? "The Serpentine sofa at our Dallas Showroom. He signed it, so now it's even more of a collectible." — Ann Sutherland "I love the sensual vocabulary the Omnibus collection brings to louche interiors of the late '60s and '70s." — Sam Saladino "I am very struck by the back-to-back sofas he designed for Amy Lau. I love the feminine curves and the bold masculine structure. Fantastic!" — Empress Gilbert Anna Watkins Beau Black Caroline Summers Ashley Hunt David Sutherland Gonzalo Bueno Patricia Semprez Sam Saladino Autumn Smink John Henry Ross, Jackie Stewart, Peter Stewart Sasha Villarreal Tess Hutchinson Cayla Atha Molly Fida Erin Fida Steffi Burns Philippe Semprez Jane Aldridge Jeff Dashley Chad Bettinger Chuck Steelman Jo Marie Lilly Dani Burbridge Richard Bettinger Rebecca Sherman Vladimir Kagan Rodney Willis Luis Araujo Leah Luten Julie Garrigue Guillaume Garrigue Robert Solache Empress Gilbert Christina Dander Lauren Holder Vinny Tavares Claire Minella Rochelle Mercier April Graves Jordan Turner Jason Bandy Doris Jacobs Joyce Fox Lisa Robison Melanie Spiegel Leslie Bell Kim Turner Dan Rodriguez Joseph Steffen Rob Dailey Mauricio Lobeira Ann Sutherland Ike Isenhour Rachel Hutchinson

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