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WEARING: HER OWN. JEWELRY: HER OWN. SHOES: HER OWN. WHICH OF THE 2015 CRYSTAL CHARITY BALL BENEFICIARIES DO YOU SUPPORT? I like Callier Center because its cochlear im- plant program and other programs bring hearing to those without. And hearing brings languages, without which we are barely human. DETAILS OF THE FIRST EVENT YOU EVER CHAIRED. It was 60 years ago, and I haven't a clue. BEST ADVICE YOU'VE RECEIVED. My best advice comes from the Book of Luke in the Bible: "To whom much is given, much is required." Ruth ALTSHULER THE CRYSTAL CHARITY BALL HONORARY CHAIRMAN THE CRYSTAL CHARITY BALL FASHION SHOW & LUNCHEON CHAIRMAN WEARING: OSCAR DE LA RENTA. JEWELRY: SOUTH SEA PEARLS. SHOES: MANOLO BLAHNIK. YOUR FIRST TIME TO VOLUNTEER FOR THE BENEFICIARIES? Twenty-two years ago, on my first day as a new board member for a counseling center in Dallas, I was asked to go to The Crystal Charity Ball with a grant request. At this time, I had never heard of The Crystal Charity Ball. In 1993, it was difficult to raise significant funds for counsel- ing, and we had no way of raising the funds required to build this needed counseling center for children. After an overwhelming four-month process of charity selection, the counseling center was selected as a beneficiary, and I was introduced in a big way to the work of The Crystal Charity Ball. This year, I have been given the privilege and responsibility of serving as the chairman of The Crystal Charity Ball. As the only member to have served as both chairman and as a beneficiary, I'm well educated on the tremendous impact this organization has on the agencies as well as on the children of Dallas County. Mary CLARE FINNEY WEARING: OSCAR DE LA RENTA. JEWELRY: NICHOLAS VARNEY, COLOMBIAN EMERALDS. SHOES: RENE CAOVILLA. YOUR BEST BALL MEMORY? Definitely 2000, which was my first year as a member — I got to better know the members while setting up at the Anatole. One thing I didn't count on was assembling the toys that had been donated. We were doing pretty well until we came across a tractor with a wagon that didn't come with tools. Emilyn Wilson was there and said, "Oh, Claude can put together anything." He came down with his tools and very handily assembled the first of many toys that year. MOST MEMORABLE DRESS YOU HAVE SEEN AT THE BALL? That's the kind of question that could get me in trouble … THE CRYSTAL CHARITY BALL CHAIRMAN Michal POWELL

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