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with them," she says. "But how can you not? They're toys!" Like her furnishings, the art in her house is color-packed and often amusing. Augusto Esquivel's sculptural installation of a fire hydrant is made from thousands of buttons threaded with clear monofilament and suspended in a doorway in her bedroom. Brazilian artist Nina Pandolfo's painting of a girl with big eyes and purple hair has childlike innocence until you notice the drops of blood — there are dolls tumbling out of her backpack and one has already been eaten by a large carnivorous plant. Massey finds this hilarious. The painting's red, pink, and purple palette inspired the same colors for her bedroom, which has a purple ceiling. "Those colors may give other people headaches, but they make me happy," she says. It all comes together joyously, and that's the point. Party guests, Uber drivers, landscapers, and FedEx delivery guys have all commented on how much they love the house. The dog walker called it a "vacation house" and offered to come back anytime. "It's a happy house," Massey says. "If you can give someone a little moment of fun, that's cool." 117

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